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13-05-08, 19:08
Hi :) I got a disc with information about High Schools, the dates for documents, steps, instructions for candidatures, etc... But the problem is that most of the files are in PPT format and I don't know what to do. I don't have Power Point, I'm not getting it, nor can I download it with a trial, cause I simply don't live in US :p... And I really need to read it cause this is urgent and all, and very important for my future... Blah.


13-05-08, 19:11
Maybe convert it into a Adobe document somehow. Go to properties when you right click the document (IMPORTANT-MAKE A COPY OF THIS DOCUMENT BEFORE DOING ANYTHING) then go to properties. Click open with...Adobe, or any other document program you have.

13-05-08, 19:15

Free 60 day trial of office 2007 Student Edition.
Comes with Power Point, Word, Excel, and One Note. Backwards compatibility with older versions in both reading and saving documents. Obviously you can speak and read english, so just download the english version (or spanish if you prefer that one).

Edit 1: I'm pretty sure that it doesn't matter what country you live in to be able to download that trial software. That would just be wrong...

Edit 2: if all else fails, here is a free unlimited use powerpoint viewer application:

you can use it to view powerpoint files, but not modify them.

There is also open office (http://www.openoffice.org/), which you should be able to use to open (to the best of my knowledge) any microsoft office document that was created using word, excel, or powerpoint from versions 2003 and earlier. support for office 2007 has not been implemented yet as far as I know. Should be sometime in september. And yes, open office is free software.

13-05-08, 19:23
You can get PowerPoint viewer:



13-05-08, 19:24

@ Christi - tried that before I made the thread =/

@ spikejones - I'll try it now. Thanks :)

EDIT: Thanks to stranger1992 and to everyone else (but only he got it right :D, not that the others didn't try to help, for which I'm very grateful.) it lives! Yay.

Bye and thanks :)