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15-05-08, 23:10

(first attempts are the first level released on the web)

16-05-08, 00:01

My first attempt at releasing a level.

16-05-08, 00:11
I am still with my first attempt...

I got stuck at the cutscene bit, and I don't have enough inspiration to complete the only room left for it (I passed the 100 room thing, and my PC is slow, so I want few rooms)...

Plus I have stretched walls and stuff and to fix it I would have to add like 20 more rooms, and spend lots and lots of time

And the zipline doesn't work :sad:

I won't quit it, just wait some time and do some school stuff. When I figure out the cutscene thing (or someone tells me), I will continue, and at least finish the first level, and then maybe ask someone to build the next 2 along with me maybe cause I suck at making ruins....

16-05-08, 01:43
well the thread was deleted from trle.net, but i was the VERY early version of Masonry of the beloved. there was no no real story or any realartifact in general.

it consisted of 3 levels:

Peru (in a castle)
Venice (the streets and Canals)
something else i cant remember

as you can see, this projects has been going on for quite sometime, going through may transformations, from a 3 level project to an 8 level project, to a 20+ project to a now 8 level project once again. Ive benn working for about 4-5+ years on this projects. its quite pathetic, as im actually starting now...:p

makes me want to finish that version insted, since it was short and straight foreward...

16-05-08, 16:23
http://hof.trle.net/showHoFPage.php?month=200212b&aid=174&lid=351 :)

16-05-08, 16:41
http://hof.trle.net/showHoFPage.php?month=200212b&aid=174&lid=351 :)

Hehe! Highly unfair! Nature is supposed to share out the gifts! :ton:

You really don't want to see my first attempts. No, really. You don't.

16-05-08, 16:45
http://hof.trle.net/showHoFPage.php?month=200212b&aid=174&lid=351 :)

And it only took you 2 months to build...wow. :D

You really don't want to see my first attempts. No, really. You don't.

Yes we do. :p

Anyway, I'm hoping that my first released level will be an Asian-themed one I've been working on for a while now. I haven't built so much lately as the sound bugs (that suddenly appeared for no reason, might I add) has somewhat dampened my enthusiasm a little. :o I'd still like to finish and release it one day though. :)

16-05-08, 16:49
Well finish the level and i'll fix all your sound bugs ;)

16-05-08, 16:53
I'm worried though in case it's some kind of massive corruption and they're completely unfixable. :p Nothing we've tried so far has worked, anyway... :(

16-05-08, 16:56
Yes we do. :p

You really, really don't! Let's just say it had non-existent lighting, was comprised of about six rooms (all of which were enormous) and it was meant to be outside, but I couldn't get the horizon to work. It was meant to be the garden to some rich person's mansion (no, not a Croft Manor, strangely enough) and I had no understanding of object collision. However, there were no stretched walls. Gridded walls are something I've never had a problem with. So it's not quite your typical 'newbie' level. Almost, but not quite!

16-05-08, 17:14
Actually, my first attempt was pretty big. But it was a connection of rooms that were just strange ( sunny outdoor to lava filled place =/ ).
I'm glad I stopped working on it; I'm now working on my second project which is way better and will be released as Tenderfoot :)

16-05-08, 19:03
Oh yeah...your doing the Tenderfoot also! God Horus is practically doing more to my level that I did, but he doesn't like to admitt that he's doing alot more then I am. He deserves more credit on "my level" then I do heehee...

16-05-08, 19:04
Why's that ? :p
I'm trying to work as much on my own as I can. But I sometimes do get help from this forum, or friends :)

jeffrey van oort
16-05-08, 19:21
My first level was bad...
I don't even remember what it was called:D I do know that the leveleditor was just out like in 2000 or something :D
Ah well.. I think I got better now:D

16-05-08, 20:55
I just remember 2 huge rooms with a rising platform in the middle and then I couldn't even put enemy's in the room that took me ages. I was so bad at texturing :p I haven't been building for almost a year now I suppose I'll start again sometime in the summer.

17-05-08, 12:01
Here's my first attempt http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=111484&highlight=Lara%27s+Nightmare

Now i have a second which i'm almost done with :p

17-05-08, 12:16
Here is my first attempt: Return to Egypt (http://www.trle.net/reviewsearch/levelfeatures.php?lid=867). :D

I also have an even earlier attempt which was fully finished but I never released it on internet. (And now it is lost on a damaged CD... so I can't even play it anymore for 'old times' sake... :( )

17-05-08, 12:17
Here is my first attempt: Return to Egypt (http://www.trle.net/reviewsearch/levelfeatures.php?lid=867). :D

I played that one a few weeks ago! :D Not usually a fan of TR4 Egypt levels but that one i enjoyed. :D I have to review it. ;)