View Full Version : I need some objects

15-05-08, 23:46
I nedd to know how to set up a swinging rope first of all, and I need that rope to be a vine (green) I also need a polerope that is a stone structure with maybe some grassy moss on it or something. Anyone have anything?

Lara's Backpack
17-05-08, 01:05
This might sound stupid by did you try looking around the usual sites? (trsearch and LLB?)

To place a swing rope in, just place the nullmesh into the editor (like the flame_emitters) and trigger them like normal.

To Change the swing rope I think you'd have to edit the sprites, but Im sure it can be done because I do remember seeing a vine before...

God Horus
17-05-08, 16:37
There is a vine somewhere in Lara's Levelbase, I KNOW i saw it before

17-05-08, 17:28
I found the ropes and was able to instale them into my spirits:p.

But is there anywere that the pole/stone thing can be found. I've looked all over...