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tlr online
16-05-08, 19:01
People have covered themselves and their possessions in animal skins since the dawn of time, but one gamer has taken things to another level by crafting an alligator-themed Xbox 360. Gamer dfw monkie - somehow we’re guessing that’s not his real name - has published pictures (http://forums.llamma.com/viewtopic.php?t=17211) of his creation detailing how he transformed the beige box into an alligator.

Monkie describes himself as a graphic artist from Dallas who's inspired by Salvador Dali and other surrealists. The modder used a putty material to mould the alligator skin design over the console’s body and faceplate. He then covered the putty over with “paint and clear-coat” to give the ‘skin’ that “glossy wet look”.

The console’s power switch, around which the infamous Red Ring of Death is known to appear, has even been covered over with a fake alligator’s eye.

Hopefully game and film discs won’t be eaten by razor sharp teeth when you open the tray though.


via El Reg (http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2008/05/16/xbox_alligator/)

16-05-08, 19:03
Wow that's so cool! I bet it took ages to do!

16-05-08, 19:04
That thing looks kinda creepy. :D
I think I remember a Millennium Falcon skin for the original Xbox. I always liked that one.

da tomb raider!
16-05-08, 19:19
I'm got to admit, it looks pretty cool. :D

I guess the owner will be pretty upset if and when the console breaks down (which it probably will)...

16-05-08, 19:23
Wow! That is awesome. :D Way better then my plain white 360. :p

16-05-08, 19:24
*Ivory controller not pictured.

16-05-08, 19:27
That reminds me more of a dinosaur than an alligator. =p It's pretty cool. =]

16-05-08, 19:34
Lol it reminds me of the "book" from hocus pocus.

16-05-08, 19:38
Thats really cool, it looks like it was orginally an Elite. I just only have a plain elite. :)

tlr online
16-05-08, 19:44
I wonder what that does for cooling....

16-05-08, 19:50
I wonder what that does for cooling....

Not a lot of good, I would imagine. On the flipside though, it should you be pretty much bulletproof now.

16-05-08, 20:13
Crikey! Look at that King Croc!


16-05-08, 20:20
Very cool :tmb:

16-05-08, 20:26
Wow I want that. :D

16-05-08, 20:29
Jeezus, that's scary! :yik:

Crystal girl
16-05-08, 20:41
Wow, so cool, love it!! :cln:

16-05-08, 20:53
I wonder what that does for cooling....

hangs out in the water all day :whi:

16-05-08, 21:33
Woah, looks amazing! :eek:

16-05-08, 21:37
That's very pretty. At least it's not real alligator skin. That would be unfortunate.

18-05-08, 16:02
Hahahaha that's cool :D :p

18-05-08, 16:05
I wonder what that does for cooling....

Yeah, me too :vlol:
Gotta be carefull:D

18-05-08, 16:20
Not surprised really some people are very creative when it comes to their PC's !

dream raider
18-05-08, 17:26
Pretty impressive!

18-05-08, 17:54
Wow... That's certainly one of the strangest things I've seen recently. :p

18-05-08, 18:03
That is the best Xbox 360 I have ever seen!! :eek: :D