View Full Version : Funniest Ad ever!

17-05-08, 01:55

I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this!



17-05-08, 01:59
I don't think it's funny at all. :confused:

And the fact that it's not funny, and you find it funny, makes it funny :vlol:

17-05-08, 02:06
If you are Angelina Jolie... I don't think you would need an Internet quiz to tell you :D

17-05-08, 02:51
I don't need to take a quiz to know if I'm Angelina Jolie. I am! Duh.

LOL, silly ad. :p

17-05-08, 02:57
Maybe im just to tired bro, but i dont get it ur gonna have to explain this one to me lol

17-05-08, 03:06
I'm guessing it is a personality test like the one we had a thread here for "Which SCRUBS character are you?"

I wouldn't recommend taking that quiz unless you want to get spammed. That's why I have a second web based account to send all that crap to. They are trying to sell you stuff. I basically entered my spam address and false personal info and my address was listed as "get a life and live it looser". However, I did find out that I am apparently like Leonardo DiCrappio. Now I hate myself, Titanic sucked major league nuts.

Lonely Istari
17-05-08, 03:15
I've seen these before and it always annoys me. The question should be worded differently. It should say "Are you like Angelina Jolie?" -Because obviously I am not actually Angelina.

"Are you Johnny Depp?"

Why yes, I am. Thankyouverymuch. :D :p

17-05-08, 03:19
looks like some facebook's quizzes:

What hollywood actress are you? and i got nicole kidmann loll and a friend got angelina jolie

17-05-08, 03:26
Oh MY! That ad was on my Myspace thingy! I though it was pretty funny. :D