View Full Version : 6 Years ago....

31-08-03, 15:23
6 years ago today, Princess Di was killed in a car crash in Paris. :(

31-08-03, 15:30
Sad but true...

Sad,and today is the day,Malaysia celebrates national day.

Fugitive Lara
31-08-03, 15:49
i remember going downstairs early that morning and putting the tv on and this message was scrolling across the bottom of the screen saying to put the news channel on so i did and it said 'PRINCESS DIANA DIED IN A CAR CRASH IN PARIS' so i ran upstaris and woke my mum up to tell her, but she thought i was lying :(

Steven B
31-08-03, 16:01
Very sad! :( :( :(

31-08-03, 16:16
I was just talking to Bella, and I remembered that it was only about 3 or 4 days after Princess Di was killed, that Mother Theresa died in India. :(

Mothere Theresa and Di were good friends, so I still think the shock of Di's death might have been too much for her. :(

31-08-03, 16:34
Yes I remember it clearly, I found it really sad because I really, really liked her!!!

31-08-03, 16:47
It was really wierd that waking up that morning and finding out about it on the news it didn't seem real. Probably because it was unexpected death not like she was old and was going to die.

She is still sorely missed here