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tlr online
17-05-08, 17:03
Playing to a mesmerized audience, Swiss pilot and adventurer (some might say nutcase) Yves Rossy has soared above the Alps with homemade jet-powered wings strapped to his back.

Rossy, an extreme sports guy who has spent years assembling his wings, casually stepped out of an airplane at 7,500 feet, unfolded the wings and quickly passed from free fall to mellow glide. He then fired up the wings' engines and accelerated to more than 180 mph.

As if that weren't cool enough, Rossy showed off a bit, making a few dives, some figure eights and a 360-degree barrel roll before landing at an airfield near Lake Geneva.

"That was to impress the girls," he said after the five-minute flight.


via www.wired.com

Lara's home
17-05-08, 17:05
That is impressive. :cool:

17-05-08, 17:05
Wow. That was awesome! Must have been scary though.

17-05-08, 17:26
I want those wings! I bet he got such an adrenaline rush!

17-05-08, 17:38
Careful Yves, don't fly too close to the sun! :eek:

Seriously impressive :tmb:

17-05-08, 17:53
I saw something about this on GMTV a few days ago. It looks awesome, it's like something from James Bond or from Halo. :)

17-05-08, 17:57
I saw this on Have I Got News For You last night. :vlol: I'm terrified of heights, but I wouldn't mind having one.

17-05-08, 19:43
Wow :yik: that looks so fun!

17-05-08, 21:52
And that right after I came out of the cinema watching Ironman...