View Full Version : I just loved Smallville Season 7 Finale [spoilers]

ben croft
17-05-08, 21:01
OMG I loved it. I cried when I saw what happened to Lana... and I really wanna know what's going to happen to Clark on next season!! It was everything amazing from beginning to end of the episode! :tmb:

Who else here watched it??


Agent 47
17-05-08, 22:13
given what i've read about Smallville season 8 casting they might aswell call it a day and officially turn Clark into Superman.........:(

Smallville is a great show,but i stopped watching in season 4 when they introduced Clark to villains/characters he shouldn't even know yet....namely LOIS!!!!!!! :mad:

18-05-08, 04:51
i lovee smallville!! i thought season 7 was the last one :jmp: but im happy its not!

18-05-08, 07:52
Smallville is boring and makes no sense at all and yet i watch it because im just plain bored. :p

They do things in the Show like in the last few Episodes i saw that looks to me isent in the Comics at all, the whole Traveler bit is nonsens with Veritas People worshiping Clark as a God.

Lionell and Cloe are Characters that doesent even exist in the Comics.

I also heard the guy playing Lex Luthor wont be in Season 8, he is quitting Smallville and i think Lana is defenitly returning in Season 8 again.

In the Comics, Lex never was in Smallvile, but here he is in the TV Show all the time with him trying to become President and Martha Kent working for the Goverment, i thought she's just a Farmer.

The stupid thing of all is how Clark struggles to fly when in the the Episode he turned chicken when he tried to make that first jump out of the Barn, im mean come on, he has no problems leaping off 30 foot storage Buildings, he litterly Super Jump into Space at the end of Season 6, yet when it comes to flying, he's scared.

This whole Lana and Clark thing is stupid, they are back and apart, please make up your mind.

Its Amazing that the American Strike didint cancel Smallville on the Spot when other EVEN BETTER shows got the boot.

I thought the Series was gonna end with Season 7, now it seems it will go on to Season 9 from the looks of it.

04-06-08, 21:45

Well its supposed to be clark's life before he became superman so i think alot of things were not in the comics,
and it doesnt need to be how exactly happened if not it'd be boring..
And i think the Veritas makes alot of sense, of course they thought that clark was like a god, he comes from another planet, he has lots of powers etc.

i dont think lana is coming back, i mean, in the real superman, clark is supposed to end up with Louis which i think its gonna happen..



04-06-08, 21:51
Smallville is boring and makes no sense at all and yet

I can't agree with you more

I watched half an episode and I was bored already. I do like Kristin Kreuk though :D

05-06-08, 01:55
ugh, well i started watchin it from season 4-5 which i think is when its starts gettin better

season 1-2-3 --> boring.. (i hvnt seen all the chapter of those seasons tho)

season 4-5- --> good

season 6-7 --> friggin amazing :D



Sir Croft
05-06-08, 02:53
I don't usually watch Smallville, my mother is the one who loves it here! :p But I watched the season 7 finale and it was awesome, I'm curious about what's gonna happen to Chloe, of course Lois and Clark will find a way to get her out of the jail, but in the meantime, I wanna know what will happen there! :D