View Full Version : How do you create a water current?

!Lara Croft!
18-05-08, 05:11
How do you create a water current?

Lara's Backpack
18-05-08, 05:17
You place and trigger the "sink" object.

There is a rather good tutorial on how to set it all up on the 'Banned' (and for good reasons) website :p

PM me if you require a URL

18-05-08, 07:47
Its in the manual as well, I think in the "Advanced level building" section.

Its really easy. You just put the sink object from the drop down menus and you select the area where you want Lara to be affected by the current and set a trigger there. The sink has to be in the place where the current ends (where Lara goes to in the current), NOT where the current starts.

Also, don't put a trigger on the same square as the sink object, or Lara will get stuck in the current on that square.