View Full Version : Microsoft mulls fresh Yahoo Deal.

19-05-08, 10:36

Microsoft certainly like Yahoo. :p

Hardcore Nerd
19-05-08, 12:16
I don't know if these deals are beacause microsoft likes yahoo or they want to go against google. :whi:

19-05-08, 12:35
I think Yahoo like money too. They don't want to lose that "microsoft-cake"

19-05-08, 12:35
what the hell ms wants from yahoo :D Just leave the guys alone

19-05-08, 12:37
I already knew that. :p

19-05-08, 14:10
Yahoo has also been looking into an alliance with internet giant Google, and the firms recently tested an advertising partnership for two weeks.

I would prefer Yahoo to be teamed up, or part of Google than Microsoft. The only reason why Microsoft want Yahoo is to compete against Google and they fail to create something that could even come near, so they want to have someone else's (look at Live search, it is absolutely terrible).

Hardcore Nerd
20-05-08, 12:10
^this is i am talking about. :)