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19-05-08, 13:36
Now, I'm not one for shows like this usually..I sometimes watch stuff like Britains got talent, x factor etc just until the funny ones have been sent away and then stop.

But I've been following I'd Do Anything since the beginning.

Does anyone else watch it?


I'm totally rooting on jessie to win. She's gorgeous, she's different and I love her voice. :)

Here is a video of her performing;


19-05-08, 13:40
My mum watches it like it's her religion. :vlol: I watch it sometimes. (Mostly for John Barrowman rofl)

No offense, but I don't like Jessie. I think she looks weird when she sings, like she sings out of the side of her mouth. :o I prefer Jodie. She's brilliant, imo.

19-05-08, 13:42
Oh Mr Barrowman..Don't get me started on him...


(you'll only get that joke if you saw that particular show lol)

19-05-08, 13:54
My mum watches this...

I would go see Oliver, but since Niamh went out I won't. She was gorgous and her voice was so beautiful. :(


Amazing voice for a 17 year old.

19-05-08, 14:08
I absoloutely hate Eve. She cannot sing and she is really unlike Nancy's character.

19-05-08, 14:11
I didn't like Niamh either. Her voice wasn't a voice I took kindly too.

I love Andrew xD.

19-05-08, 16:09
I've been watching this for the last few weeks, seeing as I just haven't been arsed moving after Doctor Who.

I love Jessie and Samantha, both gorgeous, both brilliant voices. Well, Rachel has an amazing voice too, and she's acted better the last few times too - but I much prefer the other two!

19-05-08, 16:12
I'm not really into these shows, but it does bug me how they're got kids competing on live telly. It's way too much pressure, they don't need it! Go out and ride a bike and skin your knees or something!

19-05-08, 16:14
I'm not really into these shows, but it does bug me how they're got kids competing on live telly. It's way too much pressure, they don't need it! Go out and ride a bike and skin your knees or something!

Well if it's something the kids want to do, then so be it. Who are we to stand in the way of their dream?

19-05-08, 16:53
The Olivers aren't under as much pressure as the Nancy's. They'll be a tighter group as well because one isn't leaving every week.

You don't know how happy I am that Jordan isnt in the final running.

19-05-08, 16:55

love her

19-05-08, 17:05
She's gone :(.

Go team Jessie :]!.

19-05-08, 17:09

love her

Me too. She was so... amazing. And beautiful :D

Jessie annoys because she sings out the corner of her mouth XD Shes got a nice voice though.

19-05-08, 17:34
Me too. She was so... amazing. And beautiful :D

Jessie annoys because she sings out the corner of her mouth XD Shes got a nice voice though.

Yay, someone who noticed. :vlol:

19-05-08, 19:25
She doesn't do that all the time..

If she goes I'll be rooting for Rachel.

31-05-08, 19:26
Finale tonight!

Though I really wanted Samantha to stay and for Jessie / Samantha to be the final two (so I ultimately wouldn't care who won!), seeing Jodie do her duet with her Oliver really made me change my mind about her.

Sam and her Oliver really had the wrong song, it wasn't half as a 'Me + you'ish song as the other two, and didn't provide much room for interaction.

I knew Sam would be kicked in that last show before - but who to win? :mis:

Jessie for me. Her performances have wowed me much more than Jodie, who I feel acts a bit better than Jessie, but I don't think she always puts as much effort into singing her songs as she could.

31-05-08, 19:36
I'm glad Jodie and Jesse are in the final ( thats mum and I happy :D)

I dont care who win, I think they will both end up in the westend

31-05-08, 19:59
I love this show! I got all teary at the Take That song before. :( I really hope that Jodie wins, because she's fantastic.

31-05-08, 20:10


She can't believe it! Oh my God... she's going to collapse or something! Lmao!

31-05-08, 20:12
How disgusting. She isn't Nancy.

Cameron isn't gonna be happy, but nevermind.

the fact that two of the biggest names in Theatre history both said they thought Jessie was for the role says enough about her future.

31-05-08, 20:24
Cameron isn't gonna be happy, but nevermind.

I know, did you see his look of "Uh oh, keep smiling...!" when she won?

Fair play to her, she's got an amazing voice.
I think Jessie was still a lot better though!

I was honestly choked up when she sang As Long As He Needs Me. She belted out those last few notes astoundingly.

*Scours youtube for a clip of it*

31-05-08, 20:50
This show is just about more than enough cheesiness and pointlessness. I don't like it but those girls are indeed very talented.

31-05-08, 22:49
Finally found the one I was after.


Though I wanted her to win, she's still going to have an amazing career ahead of her! :)

02-06-08, 09:00
The right woman won it. :tmb:

02-06-08, 09:00
Now according to the official musical site (Oliverthemusical.com I think) the winning Nancy is to only do 4 shows a week.

I wonder if this came about just after Jodie won? Because I think they were saying last week "can you handle 8 shows a week."

02-06-08, 09:08
I'm so glad Jodie won. I think she really suited the part and out of the Nancy's she was definitely the best singer. :)

02-06-08, 09:11
her voice was boring. very typical.

and i cant bring myself to think she once had to beg for food.

i do wonder whos doing the other shows though. hope its one of the other nancys (JESSIE BABY)

02-06-08, 09:16
I never really liked Jessie to be honest. I found her voice very annoying. And the way she sung with her mouth to the side annoyed the hell out of me. (But that's just my opinion)

02-06-08, 12:36
her voice was boring. very typical.

That's sort of the way I felt about her too. She could sing and act, yes. But her singing wasn't that amazing!
I couldn't see the crit' about Jessie being inconsistent, any more than I could that Jodie was inconsistent.

In lots of songs towards the last few weeks Jodie didn't sound like she was putting her all into it. She sounded quite out of breath for some of them- mainly the ones where she had more dancing to do at the same time.
Perhaps that was something to do with split-activities. She's confident at doing both singing/dance routines separately, but she wasn't used to putting them together.

With Jessie being so much younger than her, there was the risk that she would get exhausted doing so many performances a week for (who knows how long).

Jodie was very much the 'safe' option which is fine - but I would've been one of those who took the 'risk' in giving the role to Jessie who I believe would've done brilliantly.


02-06-08, 20:41
I don't think she could have handled the eight shows a week personally (I'm talking about Jodie.)

And aye, I agree on the voice front...she doesn't seem to have lost her cabaret roots either..and my Nancy ain't no Liza Minelli.