View Full Version : Coldplay - Violet Hill. Yay or nay?

tlr online
19-05-08, 21:27
Just lovin' the new sound of Coldplay, and I can't wait for their new album Viva La Vida Or Death and All His Friends.

Anyone heard the new single, Violet Hill, from the album? You likey likey?

19-05-08, 21:28
Darth Pengu for president! Hip, hip, hooray! \O/

19-05-08, 21:29
Yeah it's nice. I'm looking forward to their new album. I hope it's real good cuz I didn't like their last album that much. Like to see more songs like yellow

Lara's home
19-05-08, 21:30
Nay tlr. Sucks like my grandma on her morning eggs!
Sorry tlr. :p

19-05-08, 21:31
My President is Chuck Heston

19-05-08, 21:51
My President is Chuck Heston


I con't listen never that music but sound good :p


19-05-08, 22:03
I dislike Coldplay, therefore I choose MORNING EGGS.

19-05-08, 22:10
i like Coldplay. the songs i favor the most are "Clocks", "Speed of Sound", "God put a smile on your face", "Sparks", and "Talk".

i like the new song. its more rhythmic.

19-05-08, 22:17

Sorry, not heard it... :o

19-05-08, 22:21
Haven't heard it and I will try my best not to. There was so much BRAINWASHING with this band on the radios , his voice started to annoy me and now I just can't stand any of their songs. :hea:

..therefore I voted for Darth Pengu :p

19-05-08, 22:25
I voted:Darth Pengu for President!

19-05-08, 22:39
I dont even know who the band is so...Darth Pengu for President!:jmp:

19-05-08, 22:41
I dont even know who the band is so...Darth Pengu for President!:jmp:

OMFG you're so lucky, how can anyone avoid these radio parasites?

19-05-08, 22:45
OMFG you're so lucky, how can anyone avoid these radio parasites?

Lol cuz i dont listen to english music much, im more into Japanese,korean and french music sounds better to me =D

19-05-08, 22:58
I hate this parody of Radiohead and U2

Real Life Raider
19-05-08, 23:30
I heard this track on the radio and wasn't sure so I Napstered it onto my phone.

I've played it two or three times and it does nothing for me.

It's a song by Coldplay. No departure, no new direction, nothing fresh.

It could be a hidden track from Parachutes.

It's ok but I'm not exactly getting wood at the prospect of the forthcoming album.

EDIT: I did not vote. I exercised my democratic right to abstain. :)

20-05-08, 00:45
Darth Pengu for President! :yah:

20-05-08, 00:50
It's not a bad song, but I don't dig that genre of music. Thus I voted neutral- Darth Pingu for President! :ton:

20-05-08, 01:02
I hope this isnt' weird, but i've been liking so much of their past songs, that i know i'm gonna like this one. Gotta take a listen....Yayy. :D

Tomb Raider 5194
20-05-08, 01:36
I love Violet Hill and also Viva la Vida, yet I like Violet Hill much more than this one. Hope there are more songs like Violet Hill in the album! :tmb:

20-05-08, 01:39
I'm still going to listen to it, but I don't know why I could never stand Chris Martin and Coldplay, far to annoying for me.

20-05-08, 02:50
I love Coldplay, but not that music, therefore Darth Pengu FTW!! :D

20-05-08, 05:17
Darth Pengu for President woohoo ;D:jmp:

20-05-08, 05:18
I love Coldplay, and their new sound....:)

But you tempted me oh mighty penguin:pi:

Darth Pengu For President:mis:

20-05-08, 06:45
Coldplay? Sheesh, Justin, you're really taking this being in your 30's thing seriously, aren't you?


Darth Pengu RULEZ! :D

20-05-08, 08:36
Darth Pengu for presidente!! :D

Haven't heard any coldplay I think. :p

20-05-08, 08:37
Darth Pengu!

da tomb raider!
20-05-08, 08:37

20-05-08, 08:43
Nay. Hate hate hate them.

20-05-08, 11:13
Darth Pengu for President! :p

Maybe after I've heard it, I'll have a different response :whi:

20-05-08, 12:26
Darth Pengu for President...

errm...ei kiitos...

21-05-08, 09:59
Darth Pengu for president! Hip, hip, hooray! \O/