View Full Version : Hoax Package Gets by Sweden Post Office

26-05-04, 22:36
STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) - A package marked "Warning, bomb!", "Now you'll have it!" and "Look out!" was delivered without a problem by the Swedish postal service despite the clear warning labels.

Postal service spokesman Mattias Geijerstam said Wednesday the agency was embarrassed, but said the package was delivered because postal workers were convinced it was a hoax.

"This was a clear departure from our routine. It's a rule always to call the police even if you believe it's a hoax," he said. "The police should have been called in the first place."

The package was forwarded Tuesday by a mail processing center in western Stockholm to a local shop to be picked up by the addressee, Geijerstam told The Associated Press.

He said workers at the local store read the labels and called police.

The addressee was contacted by police and picked up the package with them. It was examined and declared bomb-free after it was found to hold a pair of shoes.

"It's from a friend of mine. I'm not surprised, he has this kind of humor," he was quoted as saying by Stockholm newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

Postal officials said they won't change their security procedures. Neither the sender nor the postal workers who handled the package face any penalty.

05/26/04 13:53 EDT

This is the funniest thing I've heard all day!

26-05-04, 22:44
Note to self: next time you send a bomb letter, make sure it's packed in a bomb-shaped envelope :D

27-05-04, 11:14
Honestly, what some people consider funny! This idiot should have been arrested for such a stupid thing.