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20-05-08, 04:53
the latest I can remember was that, I was running in slow motion next to my friends away from Jigsaw the puppet from the Saw movies and he was wearin a red/white polka dot dress and holding a revolver..........i was running around the corner and he shot me in the back, and gelatin brand jello came out....

Lara Croft!
20-05-08, 10:27
Zombie dream and I was the last survivor...

Lara Croft Fan Joe
20-05-08, 10:36
Umm I was on a jungle island and I was attacked by a cavewoman, who chased me around a lake filled with jellyfish....

20-05-08, 10:39
I think my last dream I was in my bathroom and then I ate some candy, not very exciting, nor did it make sense, but Jolly Ranchers rock! ;)

20-05-08, 10:56
You REALLY don't want to know. It's rather embarassing to say =|

But in the dream before that, I was shaving my legs (a bit too close, since I could see my bones) and getting ready to meet my bf. O_o

20-05-08, 10:57
started dreaming right before I woke up.. my dream ended hugging ;l

20-05-08, 11:04
i dreamt last night that i had mushrooms in my fridge and i wanted to fry them....how odd. But i do love mushrooms.

20-05-08, 11:18
I dreamt that I was in a basketball court under the sea. (There was air in the court, just when you looked out the window fish swam past and you could see seaweed etc) And I was playing squash with Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes. It was very, very strange.

20-05-08, 11:41
well i usually forget what i dreamed during night ;)

but i do remember that two days ago i was dreaming that i was standing in a field at my village and i looked at the roof of our neighbor house and it had a huge-sky scraper high TV antenna o_o
yeah, weird..

20-05-08, 11:51
Another random one like many of mine; I was in a kayak (like the one in TR3 except it was yellow) in the desert when I discovered the desert was actually a lamp full of sand and I was sitting ontop of it in a kayak :confused:

...don't ask :p

20-05-08, 11:53
I can't remember my sleep is always blank

20-05-08, 12:18
I can't remember my sleep is always blank

I'm glad you said that you can't remember your dreams Drone. I had a friend who said that they didn't dream. That is not true. We always dream (if we have enough sleep that is), we just don't always remember our dreams. ;)

20-05-08, 12:28
I dreamt my boyfriend had headlice and he gave them to me as part of a "big revenge plan"

20-05-08, 12:39
Last night it was a dream about my birthday and Danny Dyer was a special guest. Stupid.

20-05-08, 12:41
Was a white room dream pretty much like in the first matrix.. there was this TV and some guy in a chair next to me.. and that was it.

20-05-08, 12:42
I dreamt I was on a cruise, with my school. I can't remember what happened.

Legend of Lara
20-05-08, 14:10
I was spinning a fish. Then I jumped through papers and ate strawberries. :p

20-05-08, 15:04
I can't remember my dream that I dreamt today. :p

20-05-08, 16:02
My dream was very vague and very blurred. I was a parent, I think, trying to protect my kids from some people. These people had guns or they could have been warriors of some sort, I got in a car and headed to the motor way. Once there I got out and took my kids into a nearby town to a swimming baths. Then I remember being shot and falling into the pool and seeing the blood mix with the water. I woke up shortly after, I sat bolt up right for quite a while :D

20-05-08, 16:07
Dammit! Now you've asked me, I can't actually remember . . . it was very weird, though. I didn't get a very good sleep last night. Erm, my school mates were in it, but they are in almost every dream so that's nothing unusual. What is weird is that they are so completely fleshed out character-wise. If I met my dream friends and the same friends at school, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Probably means I know them too well . . .

20-05-08, 16:09
I always have the strangest dreams
last night i dreamt i got the lunch bus home from college, and the driver told me it had gone from 1.80 to 14 to get home, but it was soo bright from the sun i couldnt see. So i threw all my money at him..
the bus was empty, and i slept on the floor under a duvet

My best mate and the girl he's hopelessly in love with (but she doesnt like him) were sitting in the seat near me, lookin down at me talking in riddles..

Then she got off the bus and jumped back on wearing a wedding dress and my best mate jumped on me and tickled me

That's all i remember :ton:

20-05-08, 16:35
I was pregnant and I woke up feeling something wrong so I went to my dad and asked him to take me to the hospital and explain to my school why I was not going to my GCSE exam. My dad went to drive me to the hospital but then he got lost or something and I had to go to my exam about half an hour late still feeling like there was something wrong with my baby =/.

20-05-08, 17:27
There was an angel or some emissary from Heaven who came down in the night and told me I had to purchase some raspberry seltzer. For some reason, I started looking for it at a comic book store that had just about every comic book and graphic novel a person could imagine. Needless to say, I didn't find seltzer there, and went home.
When I woke up from this dream, I went to the store and bought some. It's all gone now, so maybe it was just my brain's subconscious way of telling me I was craving fizzy water...

Melonie Tomb Raider
20-05-08, 17:42
Lats night I dreamed some lady from my church had a baby, and my aunt and friend were flocking around to it, while I was bored.

One of those realistic dreams though. My girl friends will flock to a baby and go crazy. That's when I go hang out with my guy friends. :p :vlol:

20-05-08, 18:02
I only see nightmares. And they're never nice. The "some misfigured creature is ripping my skin off and begins to eat me while I watch and things like that. And I feel the pain even after I've woken up" sort of dreams are the only ones I've seen since childhood.

20-05-08, 18:02
I was driving my Vespa down the road and it ran out of petrol.

20-05-08, 18:11
Ehm, something weird.

It's creepy. Either I have a nightmare (Becoming more and more rare nowadays.) or I have a weird dream. :p

20-05-08, 18:26
I dreamt I was in an old boat and I was on the indian ocean and travelling to Africa. It was so vivid almost lucid. :o

20-05-08, 18:42
I was making the best paintings I could ever paint. I could literally paint anything I could imagine exactly how I imagined it.... then I woke up and felt :(

20-05-08, 18:44
I had a dream that I fell right down the middle of that huge Hogwarts spiral staircase and broke my neck...........And I felt it.......:cln:

20-05-08, 18:50
my dreams are much to scary to tell.

no joke.

not this time.

20-05-08, 18:51
I made a homemade telescope that actually worked. The weird thing was I was looking at Earth from another planet, focusing in on different areas of the world.

Welcome to TRF, Serendipity. :wve:

20-05-08, 18:57

Oh, and I had a dream on monday that I was trapped in a room filling with water...... Creepy.........

20-05-08, 18:59
I know this sounds random, but the last dream I can remember, I think, involved Bender rollerskating on ice... :whi:

20-05-08, 19:03
I dreamed about me meeting someone very important to me and then I seen this awesome little car, I got in and it took off and was bouncing around and driving away really fast with me in it, by the time I got It to stop I was lost and crying because I was late and I thought the person I was suppose to see would think I stood them up.

Rather bizzare now that I look back on it.

20-05-08, 20:18
I was in the bedroom of my old house, looking out into the garden at the blue swimming pool. I remember that it was a really sunny day.

Floating in the middle of the swimming pool was a cadbury's creme egg, still in the wrapper.

I picked up the magnifying glass that I'd owned since childhood, and used it to focus the sun, and aim it at the egg.

It smouldered for a moment before exploding in a torrent of flame that washed over me, I assume killing me.

I woke up screaming.

I wish I was joking. :p

That was SO friggin odd!

20-05-08, 22:17
I dreamt that I went to this really awesome rock concert and all the awesome bands were there, even the dead ones. The Who, KISS, The Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, Queen, etc. I saw one of my favorite artists, Elvis Costello, and asked him for his autograph. He thought I was trying to scam him and was really mean to me. He was yelling at me and everything then he went into the room with glass walls that oddly resembled my History classroom and started talking to my teacher.

20-05-08, 22:19
I dreamt that I went to this really awesome rock concert and all the awesome bands were there, even the dead ones. The Who, KISS, The Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, Queen, etc. I saw one of my favorite artists, Elvis Costello, and asked him for his autograph. He thought I was trying to scam him and was really mean to me. He was yelling at me and everything then he went into the room with glass walls that oddly resembled my History classroom and started talking to my teacher.

I wanna see this dream!!! You would REC it XD Bono has hit my mate in one of her dreams!:yik:

20-05-08, 22:40
OMG. :D I love crazy dreams. Lots of my dreams seem to be music orientated. Luckily Elvis didn't punch me. He did grab my wrist and twisted it kind of hard though. I think him and my teacher were plotting against me, cause he hates me too.

20-05-08, 22:41
I know this sounds random, but the last dream I can remember, I think, involved Bender rollerskating on ice... :whi:
I want your dreams..

My last one I think was just a regular day at college, which was a bit crap.

21-05-08, 00:25
they say that falling dreams are good for you.......they relieve stress, ive been having alot of those

21-05-08, 01:37
I dreamed I was leaping off buildings Mirror's Edge style. :p

21-05-08, 02:29
my dream i had last night was rather great!
i was with my crush and she actualy like me and it ended with me walking with her hand and hand.Then i woke to my sister nagging me...

its so great i hope i have it again.

21-05-08, 02:31
I had this dream last night that I had tried to kill this guy who was stalking me :eek: I remember stabbing him over and over and he just wouldn't die! It was very vivid and I hope I never have it again :(

Rachel Croft
21-05-08, 03:02
i have had dreams everyday for two weeks. don't remember the last one, but i always have the coolest dreams. one was about playing TR:U when it came out. It was so vivid.:p

21-05-08, 09:19
Hrm, I wanted to go up a hill but nobody wanted to come with me so I went alone. On the way I met "Heath Ledger" (I say it with quotes because it was someone with his name who was famous but it wasn't quite him. Looked completely different) and his 9 year old son.
Random stuff happened..there turned out to be two hills etc.

Then Heath was on a really thin strip of concrete in between the two hills and someone made him jump and he fell off.......The dream them lovingly stooped down to the body.


It was a mink dream tbh.

21-05-08, 10:07
I'm having a dinner with my crush :cln:

21-05-08, 10:18
Again I can't remember it. :(

21-05-08, 13:43
I was on MTV Cribs, and I was talking on the phone to Simon Cowell. It was random.

21-05-08, 14:49
I honestly couldn't tell you in here.. you'd have to visit the mature section to find out ;).

It was a nice change though.. cause I hardly ever have naughty dreams.

Nenya awakens
21-05-08, 15:18
I was locked in a cage in my bf's front room. and he kept leaving bowls of porridge just out of reach.

i thougt my jaw had been wired open as i couldnt close it.

when i woke up in the morning aaron told me i was chewing on the pillow all night.

21-05-08, 15:24
Can't remember.... no really; I can't.

Don't seem to dream as much as I used to.

They're almost always full of disjointed random crap anyway.