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31-08-03, 21:45
John if I am right you have Norton Internet security

What you need to do is the following I've just the instructions

open up Norton Personnal Firewall
click options and select Personnal Firewall
click on web content
down the bottom click on Add Site
type in www.tombraiderchronicles.com (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com)
then onthe right hand side under Global settings
uncheck the box Information about visited sites
then check the permit circle

You will then be able to see the pictures

Hope that helps


Fugitive Lara
31-08-03, 21:55
btw its FAO not FOA http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

John Falstaff
31-08-03, 21:59
Thanks Neil,

I'll try that.

I sort of like the idea that everthing and everyone are red crosses on a white background!

Had a good day? How was that 'horrible' meal you've outlined? See other threads but did you end up with cats? Is Peacehaven a pseudonym?


John Falstaff
31-08-03, 22:01
FAO = Food and Agricultural Organisation.

Fugitive Lara
31-08-03, 22:08
no, FAO = For the Attention Of

31-08-03, 22:16
no its a town about 8 miles from Brighton

Its claim to fame is the meridian line runs through it and I am about one second away from GMT.

The Cats thing was I went to see the musical very good brought back memories of Elaine Page singing Memories, you must remember that one!

The meal was lovely and so was the bottle of Bordeuax Chateux Ean de Marie 1998 the only problem is I don't understand French, they would not even enter me for CSE at school, so I can't read the back label except for a few words wich I can make out.

Still drinking it thou very nice.

Hows your day been

John Falstaff
31-08-03, 22:17
Hi FuG,


Both are correct. Sometimes symbols and words have more than one meaning.

I was trying to make a (feeble) joke on that basis!

31-08-03, 22:17
Originally posted by FuGiTiVe LaRa:
no, FAO = For the Attention OfFug read some of other posts you will understand then

31-08-03, 22:21
Originally posted by FuGiTiVe LaRa:
btw its FAO not FOA http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif Not when you drunk like me at the moment

Makes me sound like an alcoholic I'm not just need to finsh a nice bottle of wine off

John Falstaff
31-08-03, 22:31

You must be near Newhaven?

Day so so, (see other threads, I'm not happy about the start of the hunting season here).

Elaine Page and 'Cats'. I remember them, but the funny thing is that if you live in London (speaking for myself) you don't GO to shows, you just get satisfaction from knowing that you could...

I don't know the wine you mentioned, but all theat matters is that you enjoyed it. I can't see the blurb on the back but something tells me it says somethinf to the effect of 'this wine is from a, based on the tradition of b, it has the colour of c, the aroma of d and so on.


31-08-03, 22:34
About 1 mile from Newhaven

Yes thats what it probably says on the back

Fugitive Lara
31-08-03, 22:44