View Full Version : How long can i expect to wait?

20-05-08, 14:20
Hi everyone. I just sent my avatar to tlr for approval and also my request for over 18 forum. When will the answer arrive and how will i know? Thnx in advance. :confused:
Ha. Look at that. Just as i was posting it magically arrived. Thnx tlr. :)
Sorry about that (my impatience). Delete this thread if you want.

20-05-08, 14:21
When he gets around to do it. He lives a busy life like the rest of us, just be patient and he will do it as soon as he can. Just wait a few days, and if nothing happens after a good few days you could always send him a PM about it, not a thread. :wve:

20-05-08, 14:24
He is pretty fast though tbh, so soon. :)