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Lara's home
21-05-08, 21:31
I stumbled upon this website today, and I have to say, It's awesome.
Basically, it's a webpage(:p) that scans your computer, finding out the selected game could run the recomended systemrequirements (for games of course) and/or the minimum requirements.

It's a great tool for people as lazy as me, when it comes to checking if your PC can handle the game. ;)

http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/referrer/srtest :wve:

It also tells you where your computer fails.

21-05-08, 21:34
Used it before, its great. :)

21-05-08, 21:39
Yeah, it has bee said about before and it is a great website to check whether games will work - it isn't fool proof mind you, but it is indeed useful.

And I don't like to sound big headed or anything, but system requirements don't mean a lot to me anymore due to my newish computer (until this gets out date...)

ben croft
21-05-08, 21:51
I've seen it before. Useful anytime I wanna see if my PC can handle some cool games :D

21-05-08, 22:01
I don't trust this site anymore. It tells me I can run Crysis on minimum settings.. and almost on recommended settings if I update my videocard from Nvidia 8600M GT to 8800GTS.

I highly doubt my laptop is able to handle Crysis. Even though it's fairly new.