View Full Version : What are your pet hates?

Lara Croft Fan Joe
22-05-08, 18:35
I'm always interested to find this out from people. :)

I think my main one would be, when I lose something, and I think 'OK, this aint gonna turn up' naturally I go and purchase another. What annoys me is that it turns up as soon as I've bought it. :o

22-05-08, 18:37
When people don't answer the phone, regardless if I'm with them or on the other line :D

22-05-08, 18:39
When you have a dog, and your neighborhood is full of cats. Seriously, I have a dog, and he barks everyday in the middle of the night
The only thing. I hate about them is the noise, If i would have an pet in my room I would say a goldfish.

EDIT: I took the title a little bit too literally

People who begs to be shot in the head. There are few on TRF, but Im not naming anyone. ALARM CLOCKS D:

22-05-08, 18:39
I hate feeling dehydrated, so I make sure that I drink enough water throughout the day. :)

22-05-08, 18:40
"Pet hates" ?

Pet Peeves?


I am a neat freak.

22-05-08, 18:40
I hate my cellphone... :pi:

22-05-08, 18:41
I hate my cellphone... :pi:


I love mine. lol

Agent 47
22-05-08, 18:41
the sound of someone scrunching a carrier bag........seriously

22-05-08, 18:43
Discussed here very recently, please continue using the old thread (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=125598&highlight=peeves)

Closed :wve: