View Full Version : how long did you browse the forums before joining?

23-05-08, 18:38
for me it was about six months

23-05-08, 18:40
2 - 3 months.
I was cautious about joining because i only played TR 1, 2, parts of 3, parts of chronicles, and Legend and Anniversary, and i thought i would have looked like a complete idiot if i joined and posted something :p

But i didnt have to worry, everybody here was nice :hug:

Tina Croft
23-05-08, 18:41
hm i think it were only 2 or 3 days as far as i can remember :D

23-05-08, 18:42
I didn't wait even one min.

23-05-08, 18:43
Hmm...IDK...It looked like a fun community, and I love Tomb Raider...so...idk a day or so

23-05-08, 18:46
about a year haha

23-05-08, 18:48
A few days and then I thought 'What the hell, join them instead of lurking in the shadows.'

23-05-08, 18:49
A few days and then I thought 'What the hell, join them instead of lurking in the shadows.'

Exactly! ha:p

23-05-08, 18:49
a year... or so... :whi:

*waits to be slapped*

23-05-08, 18:53
Can't remember but not much I'd wager. I joined when I learned there was going to be a new TR game developed by Crystal Dynamics. Had to give it the benefit of the doubt after being disappointed twice by the series (TR3 and Chronicles, hadn't played AOD, in part, because of how I heard it sucked).

Oh and thanks for answering my joke question. I knew it! :p

Nenya awakens
23-05-08, 18:54
I think i joined straight away to ask a pointless question lol :d

never used to post much as i was allways at work :)

Lara Croft Fan Joe
23-05-08, 18:54
About a week I'd say, but its been a while so... can't be sure.

23-05-08, 18:55
When I saw these forums for the first time, I registered right away, started posting and wondered why nobody seemed to read my posts. That was back in November last year. Of course I was just one of those "2 posts/no avatar"-people back then who disappeared after a few days. ;)

In January I returned. I opened my first controversial thread (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=116143) :whi:, introduced myself properly (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=116185) and tried to make everyone laugh (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=116454).

...and now I don't want to leave here ever again. :hug:

23-05-08, 18:58
i accidentally found TRF, and at the first minute i was browsing it, i decided to register ;)

23-05-08, 18:59
six months I think ... or a year lol :D

23-05-08, 19:00
About 3 days of steady lurking. Then i decided it was only proper of me to introduce myself and proclaim my presence. How could i not? TRF is (add appropriate superlative). ;)

23-05-08, 19:04
I found out this place existed about couple of days before joining in. :)

23-05-08, 19:16
I don't remember, I think it was 2 months...

23-05-08, 19:21
That'd be a few years or so. :)

23-05-08, 19:25
About three months...because they had not replied to me about my account, because of something.

23-05-08, 19:31
I just saw the title of the sites, number of posts, categories and I knew I must be a part of it.

23-05-08, 19:38
I joined the same day I found out this place existed. :)

23-05-08, 19:43
about as long as it took for me to have something to say. so like 5 minutes. :) like mcgloomy, i went through the whole noone-reading-my-n00b-posts thing which was frustrating. but people were so nice (much nicer than they are now actually, and people here now are NICE...so if you can imagine that) that i decided to just stick with it. and here i am.

some members have much better luck right off the bat. for instance Elysia's so charming & delightful that people were responding to her the first day. and i also like the way Verdilet bust in: with like ten threads asking every question that had been burning in her (his?) mind. it cracked me up. sort of like, if she didn't find out all these answers right freaking now she was gonna burst. :)

23-05-08, 19:46
Probably a week...don't really remember exactly.

da tomb raider!
23-05-08, 20:05
I joined these forums as soon as I discovered them well over 2 years ago. However, I didn't start using these forums regularly until Legend came out. :wve:

23-05-08, 20:13
It took me one second to join. i was like ooohhh!!! i like forums! and the i joined

23-05-08, 20:34
A couple of minutes. I'd been visiting TRC regularly, stumbled onto the forum and thought I'd join.

23-05-08, 20:42
A year or sooo.. :o

23-05-08, 20:43
I just joined straightaway cos somebody on another forum said they were on here so I came and registered before looking at everything.

23-05-08, 20:44
I didn't browse before I joined. :p

Melonie Tomb Raider
23-05-08, 20:44
About 2-3 seconds. Somewhere around there. :p

Though I was a frequent TRC visitor for probably about a month or so before joining. I didn't notice the forum 'till later, I was a noob.

I'm pretty sure back then, the background for the site was from either TR4 or TRC, I can't remember which, but I recall it being a major closeup of Lara's face with her sunglasses.

23-05-08, 21:34
I joined right away.

23-05-08, 22:07
Took me about a month or so. :)

23-05-08, 22:08
1-2 hours :D lol

23-05-08, 22:08
About a day or two wait no it was as soon as I seen the modding section i was hooked and the other things too.

ben croft
23-05-08, 22:10
Love at first sight...translating... registered when I saw it :D


God Horus
23-05-08, 22:10
I realize I will be murdered when I tell you this, but since it first opened, then I joined in 05.

I remember when I first came, Tomb Raider Chronicles (the website) was called The Last Revelation Online Beta (thus explaining tlr online stands for The Last Revelation Online)

So yes, I was on here for a very, very, very, very long time before I joined.

23-05-08, 22:44
Maybe two days. I was worried I wouldn’t really have anything worth contributing as I only ever played legend and anniversary so far. i'm still not sure i'm contributing anything but i really haven't even been here a week yet. :o

23-05-08, 22:46
i spied around for 3 months. got interested enough that i had to respond.

23-05-08, 22:47
Since 2003 I think. Long time I know.

23-05-08, 22:50
I joined the day I found out about them.

ELEN was the one that introduced me to them.

lol we met on YouTube.

23-05-08, 23:47
2 minutes :p

Dominic. [:
23-05-08, 23:53
A week or so. A close friend invited me at first :)

24-05-08, 00:30
Few months I think. Can't really remember how long I kept checking them.

24-05-08, 00:32
i saw it from a link on youtube and signed up lol :p so i guess i didnt search 4 long

24-05-08, 00:32
A full year. :yik:

24-05-08, 00:32
About three seconds :D

24-05-08, 00:37
Well I was bored, then I saw the link to the TRF, then I went to check it out. I browsed for a couple of minutes then I joined :D :wve:

24-05-08, 01:02
I became a member straightaway the minute I saw the forums name :)

24-05-08, 05:22
I guess for several days.

24-05-08, 05:28
Not too long, but I waited long before becoming an active member; which was mainly due to United Colors of Lara Croft, Xmas 2007 Edition :)

24-05-08, 05:36
first time I came here I joined.. I needed tech support with AOD!
I actually found the forum archives through a google search, then cut the URL down to get here. TBH, I never knew TRC existed until a couple of months of browsing the forums! I still don't go there much since I'm not a Tomb Raider freak (just a casual gamer), but I enjoy being able to come here and chat about this and that, read up on EscondeR's tech knowledge, and lend a hand where I can.

24-05-08, 07:09
Ehm , 1 day I guess. I found it via TRC.com and I found that I have to join the business :D because I was a big fan.

24-05-08, 07:10
As far as I can remember..... 15 minutes :D

24-05-08, 08:03
I know this forum a long time, but browse , see how works before joing like almost 5 mounths

Lara Croft!
24-05-08, 08:36
Not even an hour....:D

24-05-08, 08:37
I joined within about 4 minutes, posted three times, and then wandered off for about a year. :p

24-05-08, 08:39
I didn't wait even one min.


24-05-08, 10:17
a year... or so... :whi:

*waits to be slapped*

*Slaps* :)

About 8 months

24-05-08, 10:21
A few months. At that time thinking this site would be crap, wrong I was.

24-05-08, 10:24
A few years, I think? I have hazy memories of using walkthroughs from here for TRIV and Chronicles. I joined a while after I finished Legend.

Alex Fly
24-05-08, 10:26
One year I think...

24-05-08, 10:33
Quite a while lol. I actually used to come on here years ago and then I joined but I never made any posts and stopped coming on so eventually my account got deleted, and then before I joined the second time I was coming on for a year or so.

Legend of Lara
24-05-08, 10:43
A few months. I joined when I bought TRL.

24-05-08, 10:44
I don't know how long, it was years ago, but I don't think it was for long.

And here is my Introduction thread, how embarrassing: http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=53238 - My spelling was awful.

24-05-08, 11:13
I've never been good at lurking, so I probably registered within 5 minutes of finding TRF.

24-05-08, 12:06
I joined the same day I found it :)

24-05-08, 12:34
No less than a day.

24-05-08, 12:41
I didn't wait even one min.

ohh yeah, same here ;)

24-05-08, 12:42
well i used to go on trc.com all the time! But one day i finally noticed the "forums" button at the top and i was like "whats a forum?" (yeah i know). And well, here i am:D

24-05-08, 12:43
2 minutes :D

I hardly browse any foruns as a guest

24-05-08, 14:30
I dunno; about a week.

I was looking for info on TRL.


24-05-08, 18:34
Don't know for sure but not for long.A few days I guess.I didn't intend to join at first, but while reading stuff on the forum I began to feel like posting.

24-05-08, 18:37
I stumbled across the site several times over a few months, then decided to join because I needed help from the wonderful Level Editor community.

24-05-08, 19:10
About a year. I always looked at it to check up on the news on TR game and check what's going on in the tomb raider world but to start with was too scared to join. I was afraid that
1. People at school would make fun of me and
2. afraid that I might say or do something wrong!

Now I fear nothing because everyone here is awesome and I can be on here for hours without getting bored!!!

Rachel Croft
24-05-08, 19:15

Veronica Ma
24-05-08, 20:40
Not long... I joined when I got stuck in AOD. :D

Agent 47
24-05-08, 21:00
i didn't browse, heard a rumour about a game by Core,found out said game was cancelled then joined (pretty much sums it up really)


24-05-08, 21:29
About a month.