View Full Version : China Olympic Games 2008. Preferences.

23-05-08, 19:43
It was approaching the China Olympic Games.
Every four years, virtually the entire planet competes in all kinds of sports to overcome once again.:cool: :)
I normally look at some competitions though the time difference this year is going to be a bit tricky.
Anyway, I'm anxious to see sports such as basketball, soccer, gymnastics men (this is my favorite, I think, and surely, this year, win all the china) and woman, swimming and athletics most notable competitions 400m, 100m, jumps, ...


What are your favorite competitions?:)

23-05-08, 19:52
soccer definitely.

The track events are good too, especially for the tension. You can see the worry in their faces while the athletes are getting prepared. lol

23-05-08, 21:56
Women's gymnastics :cln:

23-05-08, 22:36
Women's Artistic Gymnastics and Diving are my absolute 'eyes-glued-to-the-tv' events :D

23-05-08, 22:39
Diving is awesome :D

23-05-08, 22:40
Would have to say Women's Gymnastics. I remember the 1996 Summer Olympics and it is a great memory. Honestly though, i haven't paid as much attention to them as much as i used to. ;)

23-05-08, 23:36
Diving and Swimming. :tmb:

24-05-08, 18:15
Boxing for me, but I'm just biased. :p
I'm kinda interested in watching the hockey too.

24-05-08, 18:57
-Rhythmic gymnastic
- Synchronized swimming
- Feminine athletism

Besides those,which are my favourites, I love to watch all the others.