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24-05-08, 02:50
It's me again and i'm bored. I've been watching MSNBC in regards to the recent comments Hillary Clinton has made in which she made reference to the assassination of RFK. She was expressing the fact that it has taken longer than this (current time) to decide the Democratic nomination. To paraphrase what she said: In 1992 my husband's nomination wasn't decided until June 1992 after winning the California primary and let's not forget about the assassination of RFK in California in June of 1968.

The media is having a field day with her unthoughtfulness for referenceing something so horrible(RFK's assassination). Some have even suggested "wishful thinking" on her part (maybe something tragic could happen to Barack Obama) as to her reasons for staying in the Democratic race as long as she has.

My view is that, while it was a very unthoughtful thing to say, she by no means was or is hoping or thinking something like this will happen. She was trying to explain that nominations have taken longer than this to decide and made an error (albeit a very big one) in judgement. I by no means support her in any political way, however i do think there has been a tremendous overreaction to her comments.

Anyone else have a view about this? :wve:

24-05-08, 02:56
I have no real reactions or feelings about this, and the reasons for that are that I didn't hear about her comment, I don't know who RFK was, and I didn't realize this stuff was still going on.