View Full Version : Michelle Williams - We Break The Dawn OFFICIAL Music Video

24-05-08, 08:24
For those who dont know, she was one of the Destiny's Child, who just make little participations in the songs, and the backvocals to Beyonce yell the whole song...

She have a amazing voice and her participation in Destiny's Child was trutly bad since we see she just being a back vocal and beyonce center of atention...
I Like beyonce but in Destinys Childs she allways had to be "the one who all will see"

Introducing Michelle, well, her musics didn't make so much sucess (as beyonce) cuz was aways Gospel,and not have so much divulgation so if u are from another contry may u dont know her solo projects but now she is tryng some Pop music to show her work and beutiful Voice.

Michelle Williams - We Break The Dawn OFFICIAL Music Video

Btw, check 2 the Kelly Rowland new song, called ComeBack THe video is just amazing have a beutiful art...

Kelly Rowland- Comeback **FULL VIDEO**