View Full Version : When do you kids start your school holidays?

tlr online
24-05-08, 19:02
Thanks :wve:

24-05-08, 19:02
Today :p (well I have had an extra week off for study leave).

24-05-08, 19:04
What kind? The summer holidays start at the end of July. But we get this week off because of half-term

24-05-08, 19:06
Today for 1 week, then I start my Work Experience on the Monday everybody else goes back which is for two weeks so I think of it as a 3 week break from school:)

24-05-08, 19:17
Today for a week. I have a week to practise my presentation for on my english speaking and listening GCSE Coursework, as soon as school starts again my group are up 1st. I hate it when everybody is watching me. I'm not exactly popular at school. At least I have a week to rest and chat on the forum instead of waiting for 6 hours to get home to get on here!

24-05-08, 19:20
if you mean summerbreak it's on saturday :yah: (teh next one)

24-05-08, 19:21
In 5 weeks.

24-05-08, 19:22
I'm not a kid coz I go to Uni (Graduate level), but my holiday started on May, 14th and will end by the end of August :p

God Horus
24-05-08, 19:23
It's next month on the 25th :wve:

24-05-08, 19:27
Broke up for a week yesterday. :wve:

24-05-08, 19:28
Last Tuesday! :yah: Nothing until October! :jmp:

24-05-08, 19:28
June 5 is my last day.

star girl
24-05-08, 19:36
6th June... SALVATION!!!!!!!!

24-05-08, 19:38
13th June. :wve:

24-05-08, 19:52
The summer 6 weeks holiday starts at the end of july. I leave before everyone else because I have a summer holiday booked abroad before the end of the school year so when everyone is at school I will be in lovley warm climates instead of wet England! Can't wait, but It means I can't be on here for 2 weeks because I have no access to the internet unless there is an internet cafe or something

24-05-08, 19:55
Mid-late June I believe.

24-05-08, 19:57
Well, I finished finals yesterday, so I suppose today. :yah: I'M A SENIOR! School starts again on August 13th.

lara is mine
24-05-08, 19:58
had my graduation so i started yesterday:jmp::jmp::jmp:. ( 3months of sleeeeep:D)

24-05-08, 19:59
jun 6th i believe :wve:

24-05-08, 20:02
I'm off for a week now :) Go back on the 2nd June :)

24-05-08, 20:02
First week of July it was last year, I assume it's the same this year.

We only get 6 weeks off though rather than 8 :mad:

24-05-08, 20:04
Summer holidays start at 13th of June for me.

24-05-08, 20:06
Us big grown up lady kids get our school hols too!

Next week off and then what seems like weeks and weeks until 23rd july when I can get back to feeling like myself again!

24-05-08, 20:16
Today is the first day of summer break. And for some reason I'm not as excited as I usually am..

24-05-08, 20:39
Half term starts today, but I've been off for 3 weeks already and I have 2 more weeks off, AS study leave woop, and all my exams are done. :D

Summer holiday is 11th July for me.

24-05-08, 20:44
4th of Juuuuune till the beginning of September :D

24-05-08, 20:57
Sometime in June. :wve:

24-05-08, 21:25
13th May... so a week and a half ago? As you can tell I know not what the date or day it is as my routine has been majorly messed up by school holidays lol. Technically it's study leave but since I'm not going back to school (:() it's the holidays now lol.

24-05-08, 21:27
Start on Monday for a week and God knows when the summer holidays begin.

24-05-08, 21:29
I don't have a week off. :( Just one day bank holiday. Gah... why did college have to take our half term away from us?! T_T

Tina Croft
24-05-08, 21:33
tomorrow is my last day of my whitsun holidays (2 weeks).

summer holidays start August 2 or 1. maybe even earlier for me, because i'm out of school after final ceremony (it's my last school year ... i hope). :)

24-05-08, 21:34
Yep I'm on half term, don't return to school till 2nd June. Broke up on Friday just gone, that was also the day I went to Aylesford priory, with my year. But only 63\180 went. Our Summer Holidays begin on 23rd July.

Lara's home
24-05-08, 21:52
Our last day is June 19th.

24-05-08, 22:30
13th of June :D

24-05-08, 22:56
half term for us is this monday :)
but im on study leave so im off for longer

24-05-08, 22:58
I got this monday off for Memorial day and then the last day of school is June 16th I think and I only have to be in school from 8-10am that day woohoo.

24-05-08, 23:05
Officially the 2nd of June, but I've been on ''summer break'' since march. Will go back to school sometime this fall.

24-05-08, 23:17
I don't have a week off. :( Just one day bank holiday. Gah... why did college have to take our half term away from us?! T_T

Why would they do that?

24-05-08, 23:57
I started last Tuesday (last last tuesday). I'm on study leave but I dont have to return to school. I am off untill Setember 4th where I start a new college, a games development course and a new chapter in this book.


24-05-08, 23:59
14th of July. -_-

25-05-08, 00:11
20th June

25-05-08, 00:18
I started my summer break last thursday... :)

25-05-08, 01:41
I'm on break now, will be back in July :p

25-05-08, 06:48
13th of June.I am desperate for this year to end.I think I'll ruin all my marks if it takes any longer.

25-05-08, 08:24
13th of July

25-05-08, 10:11
well i can say my vacations started a week ago, though i'll still gonna get back at uni on 17th of June and i need to do some uni work, but mostly all of my time im free :)
after that ill gonna have vacations until September :jmp:

25-05-08, 10:13
Kids ?

End of next month :)

25-05-08, 10:43
My vacation is almost over :(

Capt. Murphy
25-05-08, 13:08
Wanting a little warning so the servers can handle the incoming spam? :pi:


26-05-08, 21:17
Why would they do that?
I dunno. But a teacher of mine said a few days ago that the college used to allow students to have the summer half term off, then the next year they took if off, and then the year after they took it off...and so on. He said next year we'll have our summer half term back. O_O

26-05-08, 21:18
I started my summer break last thursday... :)

Me too, May 22 was my last day, wow so many people go so far into summer here.

Crystal girl
26-05-08, 21:23
I'm going to finish the school in exactly 11 days, and then.... relax :D

26-05-08, 21:36
i finished college last friday

i'm glad that i can now relax but i'm sad i've finally left :(

26-05-08, 21:44
Americans(not sure who else) get many days off. about 1/10 of the year(not the 180 days) we have off, like xmas break, spring break, summer break, special holidays and religious holidays, thats all.:wve:

26-05-08, 21:45
Half term this week, but I've been signed off for Business, so I don't have to go in for those lessons. Should get signed off for ICT on the first week back, and I go in for 3 lessons of Science a week until 20th June, as I have my exam then. Then it's no more Sixth Form until September. :D

26-05-08, 22:07
I already started my uni hoildays. ;)

26-05-08, 22:11
I already started my uni hoildays. ;)

When, though?

26-05-08, 22:11
I started last Tuesday (last last tuesday). I'm on study leave but I dont have to return to school. I am off untill Setember 4th where I start a new college, a games development course and a new chapter in this book.


You luckly devil.

27-05-08, 00:08
Started a couple weeks ago :D

27-05-08, 00:17
When, though?
I have been on my Hoildays for over a week now. :p

27-05-08, 00:19
I finished on May 13th...

And now I'm sad, because it was my last year in College, and probably I won't see some faces ever again... :(

27-05-08, 00:26
June. Then I have exams in July.

27-05-08, 00:28

I'm not exactly a kid (rofl) but I've got a week break from work. I only wish it was longer.

27-05-08, 02:10
ive got this week off thanks to half term, and so far ive spent it replaying tomb raider 3. i love doing nothing :P

27-05-08, 02:10
well im on summerbreak!!!! till september 8th woohooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

27-05-08, 02:22
I finished on the 16th of May! :D

27-05-08, 02:26
We get off for summer vacation on friday June, 6th next week, it will only be a 1/2 day on friday next week! :D

27-05-08, 02:29
summer holiday starts on June 19. :jmp:

27-05-08, 02:52
This Thrusday :D

27-05-08, 04:38
In about five weeks:D
And then I'm freeeee!!:p
Eight weeks of freedom!

Rachel Croft
27-05-08, 05:31
if you mean the summer vacation, we got off last Friday, then we go back August 20

27-05-08, 07:44
It's next month on the 25th :wve:

Me too. :wve:

27-05-08, 11:02
I've got this whole week off, then I return next Monday. Then I have 7 weeks and 3 days left, till the Summer Holidays.