View Full Version : Second Life

25-05-08, 02:24
Does anyone here have one? And, no I don't mean a Life >_>

3d Online Virtual World :D


It's quite addicting, since members can't travel halfway across the globe travel across the internet. :)


25-05-08, 02:45
Sounds reasonable. What are you supposed to do? :confused:

25-05-08, 03:05
Join and download the program :)

And then Enjoy. :D

25-05-08, 03:15
That's not good for your social life, though. That's not for me. :D

25-05-08, 04:13
I tried it once, but since my laptop is not not made for that and my ISP sucks, I just quit after a couple of days.

25-05-08, 07:58
*resists to click the join button*

See? I resisted.


Sorry... resisiting to register a paige is not my thing.. going to tell what I think about it soon....

EDIT: teh registration system is a *****.

25-05-08, 10:25
Crap. I walked, flied and did something else on the trainin' island. I walked underwater, this game doesn't have swimming animation, I walked on lava. Yes, on lava.

This game was a waste of my life.