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25-05-08, 16:11
(This topic brought me on the idea!:D http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=125582)


What is H.S.H.?

Well it means: Home sweet home, but this time it's not that you are going to build lara's home but your own crib!

Do I need building skills?

Well how more skills how better you'r house in game is going to look!

Texture's and Objects:
Trsearch and laras levelbase contain a lot of objects and textures! so you can get your objects and textures there ore retexture them ore maybe make them yourself!


- Real life size please :) (so the bed isn't 10 meters high in front of lara.)
- Be as realistic as you can! (You don't have to show pictures of your home but it would be nice so we could say it looks like real!)

Want to join?

Well it is just a topic wich allows you to build your own home in TRLE and show screenshots there of it (and maybe release it later?) it doesn't have to take lots of time but I think it could be fun!

Compass :jmp:

25-05-08, 16:16
Sounds good to me. Okay, I'm in.

25-05-08, 16:20
Ignore me, I'm distracted and not reading the post properly. :rolleyes: If it's only screenshots then it should be a fun little challenge. ;)

God Horus
25-05-08, 16:22
I'm in. ;) This could prove to be very challenging though for me. After everyone is done, we should take all of the homes and put them together and then send them off to TRLE.net

25-05-08, 16:26
Its a good idea but..any gameplay? It will be very hard to do any worthwhile gameplay. Perhaps if it was all linked into a hub level like a street and disaster took place like a flood or something and you had to salvage precious senitmental items...................

25-05-08, 16:29
Its a good idea but..any gameplay? It will be very hard to do any worthwhile gameplay.

That's sort of what my original, unedited post said too. :p

But then I realised (after reading the first post properly) that the competition was only for showing screenshots, so gameplay doesn't matter too much unless you plan for an actual release afterwards. :)

25-05-08, 16:31
Its a good idea but..any gameplay?

Sure there could be gameplay I told you on msn...

First you found socks, then go put it in water, then take it off and dry it. And so on:P... ha ha ha...

25-05-08, 16:46
it's just some sort of building training because I've learned building to build things from pictures ore drawings I've made so they get a better look after you just start building so it's just screenshot showing :D

25-05-08, 18:33
I'm in too. Sounds fun. Any dead line date?

25-05-08, 19:39
No there isn't really a deadline well ok till 2009 :D

25-05-08, 19:52
No there isn't really a deadline well ok till 2009 :D

That works 4 me. Any time to start posting screenies? :whi:

25-05-08, 20:13
yeah of course everyone is allowed to show some pictures of there builded home's I will start tomorrow (I want to work on my building skills and building something you've seen with own eyes ore like a home live in can give a realistic touch to you'r level so that's the idea behind this!)