View Full Version : London Anime Expo - Excel Centre

25-05-08, 17:33
Has anybody on this forum gone? I went in october and this weekend, just wondering if there was anybody here who shared this interest?

25-05-08, 19:10
I went yesterday, and it was amazing!!! of course ive been going for a few years now. This time i cosplayed as Nero, and i saw a lot of Dantes but as far as a i know no others of me (which is a good thing)

I also bought:
A master Chief figure
A tyrant figure
a chris redfield figure

what did you get up to there?

25-05-08, 23:11
I went last year, but so few people there had apparently bothered to shower that morning that I decreed I would probably not be going again.

Which was actually a pity, as other than that I had a good time.