View Full Version : Is ur name Anthony??

25-05-08, 19:35
hey! wazzup :D someone suggested me to make this thread....and he said that he had the same name as me! and said that Anthony is a very popular name! So is there anyone out there who's name is Anthony?:D:D:D

25-05-08, 20:06
Somehow I guess the other Anthony was Anthony-German... and somehow I guess there are not many Anthonys around here. :p

25-05-08, 20:49
I have like 4 Anthony friends, and 20 MILLION (sarcastic :p) Zach friends...:pi:

Lara Croft Fan Joe
25-05-08, 20:54
My brother is called Anthony, but I am called Joe (really random thread btw).

25-05-08, 21:25
Oddly enough, no, my name is not Anthony. In fact, there are a lot of people out there not called Anthony.

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