View Full Version : My choir had a first concert...

Only TR lover
25-05-08, 23:02
...last night and they were really great. It was theirs first concert and they were quite nervous but everything turned great after all :D :D
The choir is "made of" kids from a primary music school (9-13 years).
They were singing few songs and here is a video of them singing "Lion sleeps tonight" with a support of a older colleges ;)
BTW My sister is a conductor and I'm playing piano.


I'm so proud of them. "Working" with such young kids is far more better than working with older people ;) :p

Real Life Raider
26-05-08, 00:04
That's really good!

Well done, you are right to be proud...those kids sang really well. Faultless in fact.


26-05-08, 03:56
Wow...A great performance! You guys did a great job! :tmb: ;)

26-05-08, 08:21
Well done! :tmb:

Only TR lover
26-05-08, 10:24
Thanks everybody!!! :hug:

26-05-08, 10:26
Very nice Performance!! :tmb: :cln:

Only TR lover
26-05-08, 17:59
^Thanks :D :D

Only TR lover
26-05-08, 22:33
Here is another video of them singing Under the sea from The little Mermaid!