View Full Version : does anyone watch the tv show passions??

01-09-03, 02:14
tell me what is happening at the moment.....we are like 2 years behind you in the episodes and i want to know what happens in the future....
at the moment theresa and julian got married and ethan just found out.... and sheridan has lost her memory....and kay turned into a panther.

are we that far behind you?
i know its a terrible show, i cant help it.... its addictive. :D

01-09-03, 08:08
I agree, its the worst show i have EVER seen, but i keep watching it. Well not alot because i get sick of storylines going for 5 weeks, but damn its a bad show!

01-09-03, 18:13
I've seen it before, and it's so dumb and ridiculous that it's hilarous. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

01-09-03, 18:17
OMG That show makes me sick! But I always want to watch it. Once I missed it for a month, then watched it again and all the characters were in the same positions. That reminds me, it's on now! Heh...

01-09-03, 19:02
yea..the show takes forever to move on