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The Great Chi
26-05-08, 22:02
I love Si-Fi, so when I was in Canada on Holiday this year I found these most unusual budget DVD films (under $10 US each). Checking the internet they are now available in most US and European countries.

ANGELA.. Fantasy...Not bad, 7/10
Adult content, Black and white film, about an unusually tall female angel meeting a short Algerian french man, in French with english subtitles. A most wierd story but entertaining (director did Fifth element).

IMMORTAL...Science Fiction....Very good. 10/10
Mainly CGI characters and backgrounds with interaction with some live actors, great story of Alien Egyptian gods returning to a futuristic earth.
Chose English dubbed language or French language with english subtitles.

THE CITY OF LOST CHILDREN ... Fantasy Good 8/10
Main hero is the guy who played Hellboy, Ron Perlman.
A most unusual but interesting story, with the ugly-est set of characters you have ever seen, about a mad scientist and his weird family, out on an oil rig (the city) and the hero goes after his young brother who is kidnapped.
Chose English dubbed language or French language with english subtitles.

26-05-08, 22:16
Immortal: controversial movie, it's good that you loved it. It is more or less inspired from Enki Bilal's comic books “La foire aux Immortels” and “La femme piège”, so that could be a nice addition.

The Great Chi
26-05-08, 22:25
So why is it controversial ? Is it the religion aspect ?

26-05-08, 22:31
Not really. It's not about the story, it's about realization. Enki Bilal is initially a comics drawer, but he always wanted to make movies with his very personal style.
And when it comes to this level, people usually love it or hate it.
Many reviews in French say that they don't know if it's a success or not.

The Great Chi
26-05-08, 22:59
Well I really liked it :tmb:

When it comes to Science fiction films usually Hollywood and the USA have the big budget blockbusters, so are seen around the world.

But there has been some great 'other than english' Si-fi films that do not get enough publicity outside their own country of origion.

An exception to this is the Japanese Anime Si-Fi films that seem to get a lot of pubicity now.

The great thing about DVD's is that you get the film in the Language of your choice, either in audio or subtitles, so keep looking out for those films.