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27-05-04, 21:55
Hands-On Singles Flirt Up Your Life

By: Steven Wong May 25, 2004 5:43 PM PDT
We were recently given the opportunity to play Singles: Flirt Up Your Life, an upcoming game being published by Eidos. This title plays very similarly to The Sims, with a sexual twist. Players will have a chance to improve their two characters, who are roommates, with different career-oriented and social skills. They will also be able to purchase furniture to decorate the apartment, all the while working as a matchmaker, out to make these two roomies hook up. Players will be able to match up between a number of different characters, each with their own distinct personalities. The greater the disparity between the two personalities, the more difficult the game becomes. Also interesting is the fact that you will be able to select a "rainbow" mode, where same-sex hookups are possible.

The short campaign found on the preview version of the game allowed us to experience some of the gameplay. A great deal of it involves making conversation. Players will be allowed to choose what kind of conversation takes place, whether it be basic chatting or flirting, and the characters take care of the rest. Increasing their skill in flirting will make them better at it, and will more effectively raise the meter for that particular need. Another large portion of the game involves tending to their needs, which include hygiene, hunger, and restfulness. Their needs are laid out across the bottom of the screen. Long-time players of The Sims should be no stranger to this. Players will be able to switch back and forth from either character and issue commands, but the computer seems to do a good job taking care of itself when the player isn't in control. The main thing that separates Singles from The Sims is the sexual humor. Singles has a lot of sexual innuendo in its dialogue. It also allows for virtual nudity, without a little mosaic covering things up. Nothing but fig leaves covering up privates here. There is even an option for the character to walk around naked, should he or she be bold enough.

Decorating the apartment is pretty straightforward. Select from a number of different items, then place them accordingly. Some items will please certain personality types better than others. We are not yet sure how to tell what kinds of furniture or wallpaper will please the inhabitants, but perhaps that will be resolved in the final build. The system is pretty versatile, allowing for individual lamps, flower pots, and statues to be placed on tables and credenzas. It was a little disappointing to find that they didn't go all the way with this level of detail, allowing for things to be put on top of the television or refrigerator.

Due to be released this week at Eidos' website, Singles is looking to be a game for Sims fans who are interested in more mature content. Some of the animations need a little cleaning up at this point, in that there is no way for the two players to sit and talk at the dinner table. Initiating flirtations will have the two of them get up, stand in programmed poses, and chat. This breaks the reality of things, since many people know a romantic place to have a conversation is over a meal. The game shows day and night cycles, with some nice lighting changes, but there doesn't appear to be a great deal of things to do while time passes. There is no outside world from this apartment, except for their jobs. There is no option to invite someone out to a restaurant, a movie, a concert, or a date in general. Hopefully, the final version will have more options than the limited preview version, but in its current state, the game will still entertain fans of The Sims. We'll have a full review of the final build soon.


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