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31-05-08, 18:59
Hey guys!

I'm thinking of having my ears pierced again this summer...my earlobes are already pierced and now I want to pierce my tragus. I've wanted to do that for years, but my mother freaked out everytime she heard about that, so I never had the chance (or the permission) to do it.


Anyway, I read in an article that the pain caused by the piercing and the application of its jewellery varies from person to person...
If you have personal experience or you know something more concrete than that, please let me know...I want it so much, but at the same time I'm so afraid.

Thanx in advance.

31-05-08, 19:14
One of my friends has it and said it didn't hurt very much. I think they look pretty cool.

31-05-08, 19:38
Yep the pain varies from person to person, and varies a lot depending on the location. Tragus will probably be a bit nippier than your earlobes were since it's going through cartilage, but really won't hurt too much. :)

As for jewellery, a BCR like in the picture, or a small labret stud, should be fine. Just DON'T get it pierced with a gun, and DON'T put one of those horrible butterfly-back earring studs in it. ;)

31-05-08, 19:58
Slightly OT: I freakin love your avatar Geck-o-Lizard.
Back on topic: I've been thinking about getting one myself once I turn 18 so I don't have to beg my mother. It's only 10 months away so it's not that bad. :)

31-05-08, 20:09
I dint even know this part of teh ear had a name! :vlol:

Well to be frank I dont liek thiis spot for pearcings... But its your decision

31-05-08, 21:39
Yeah, I didn't know that name before either. lol but to me it doesn't look right, I'd rather have some on the lobe or the top of the ear. Just my opinion though. :)

Real Life Raider
31-05-08, 22:59
Just DON'T get it pierced with a gun

Just to emphasise Geck's advice here, piercing guns should be avoided and only ever used on ear lobes.

Use of a piercing gun on any other part of the body can caused irrepairable scarring and in the case of the ears, the cartilage will be shattered and the ear deformed.

Best rule for any piercing......new needles only. And expect to be shown the new needle being taken out of the packet.

Otherwise the process is very quick and quite painless.

31-05-08, 23:25

mine didn't hurt one bit and after having it! and now a year on i still love it like i got it yesterday!
And also a piercing is a bit hard to regret as it can close up if you take it out for ages if you decide you don't like it anymore

31-05-08, 23:27
Personally, i find it painfully unattractive. but if you feel you really want it, go for it.

01-06-08, 05:30
Yeah pain varies for different people, I wouldn't pierce myself but if the procedure's safe & you're ready for it, why not? :) Make sure you check out all your avenues, no need to rush into it :wve:

01-06-08, 08:47
I wanted one too, but a friend of mine told me that it can like, grow out of your ear during the heal. I wanted one too, but after what she said I kind of changed my mind. But I'm still thinking of a possibility of having one. And I doubt it's any painful. =] So sure, go ahead, if you have any chance of having it.

01-06-08, 09:13
How am I supposed to pierce it, if not with a gun? A needle? This must take some time and it must be painful...right?

01-06-08, 10:48
Definatly a nice piercing, which I am considering getting myself. A few of my friends have it and they said it wasn't too bad to get pierced.

EDIT: Apparently if you pinch an area really hard where you want pierced, that is apparently what the pain will be like (obviously a bit worse)

01-06-08, 11:04
How am I supposed to pierce it, if not with a gun? A needle? This must take some time and it must be painful...right?


Go to a piercing studio! And I guarantee you, it'll take no more than about three seconds, from needle going through to jewellery being in place. It carries less risk of infection, no risk of HIV transmission from previous clients' blood (since all equipment used for each client is brand new, whereas a gun can't even be cleaned properly), no risk of cartilage shattering, and they'll give you the ideal jewellery for a healthy and happy piercing. The horrible stud from a piercing gun is ENTIRELY unsuitable for a tragus piercing because of its shape and the very restricted location of the piercing.

a friend of mine told me that it can like, grow out of your ear during the heal.

That (known as rejection) happens very rarely with ear piercings, and it's almost always because the piercing's under strain from being badly done (ie. it was pierced too close to the edge of the skin, or the skin's pulling on it). As piercings go, the tragus is very unlikely to reject.

01-06-08, 11:09
I don't understand why people would want their ears pierced, or any piercing on their body. :yik:

Just some metal stuck in them :(

I remember sitting next to an emo in my maths class, and she had this metal thing attached to her nose. I kept asking why did you staple your nose for goodness sake? She just shook her head :(

01-06-08, 11:12
Believe me, you DON'T want to pierce cartilage with the piercing gun. I'm speaking from experience. It hurts 10 times worse than with the needle, and for a much longer time too. There's also a much higher probability of infection, scarring and cartilage deformation. So just listen to Geck and get it done at a professional piercing studio :)