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01-09-03, 19:51
Could somebody please explain this whole "Forum Raider thing?How does it work?How many different ones are there and how do you upgrade? :confused: :confused:

01-09-03, 19:55
Click on the "FAQ" button at the top of the forum page.


01-09-03, 19:55
Copied from the Faq:
Each registered member has a title that reflects his or her "rank" on this board. Administrators are given the title "Administrator". Moderators are given the title "Moderator". Some members are given special titles by the administration. All other users are given their titles based on the number of posts they have made: Posts Title
0 Apprentice Forum Raider
15 Forum Raider
250 Experienced Forum Raider
500 Veteran Forum Raider
1000 Senior Forum Raider
2500 Chief Forum Raider
5000 Master Forum Raider
10000 Grand Master Forum Raider
25000 Grand Master Of The Tombs

01-09-03, 19:57

Steven B
01-09-03, 20:05
Thanks for the info! :D ;)