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11-06-08, 17:48
:jmp:I just can't believe that there are several people who are complaining about her wetsuit being too SLUTTY!? What the heck, her wetsuit isn't slutty at all. I just don't understand how people can nick pick at the littlest of things such as a wetsuit, c'mon. I never heard anyone complain about the Bathing Suits Unlockable in TRL. Why are people complaining so much now? Please respond.

11-06-08, 17:49
There is nothing wrong with the wetsuit, plus this outfit isn't the only outfit in Underworld remember the first podcast CD said that there will be alot more outfits.

11-06-08, 17:50
I completely agree
she looks very classy in this wetsuit :tmb:

it's different, it's sexy, it's not too revealing, and it's practical
all round awesome

The hero..
11-06-08, 17:50
The wetsuit is awsome as it is. It doesn't need changing.


jagged halo
11-06-08, 17:50
I think the main problem that some people have with it is the fact that there is no 'shorts' section of the wetsuit, if you know what I mean. Otherwise, there is no cleavage to be complaining about, so I'm not sure how it is being described as 'slutty'. (But I'm not saying that cleavage is slutty, just that some people percieve it as that.)

11-06-08, 17:51
Why is there a New Thread :confused:


11-06-08, 17:51
Don't forget that revealing dress in TRL... oh dear. This wetsuit is in ni way slutty and it is perfect. I congrat on you CD for making such a pretty yellow outfit!:D

11-06-08, 17:52
Complaining about complainers?

'Fraid not. Carry on in the other Wetsuit thread if it bothers you so much.