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02-09-03, 10:11
I need a game to play. Here is what I want. Could y'all help me?
1. saga or role playing.
2. action but not hard core fighting.
3. decent plot, not to involved.
4. preferably medievil or a "Period" setting.
5. not too hard, not to easy

I need something that will take time until TR starts again, but not too much time that I will forget about it. Any suggestions guys? Thank you.

02-09-03, 10:18
Well what format?PS2 or PC?I would recommend Crash Bandicoot:The Wrath Of Cortex for PS2 for some good fun.Or GTA3 for PC or PS2.Commandos 2 for PC is also cool.Hope I could help! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

02-09-03, 10:20
I have PS2 and have already played both games. Crash is pretty cool. I am not ruling out pc games tho. I have rollercoaster typhoon 2 and Civilization. i really want Ever Quest, but don't know much about it.

02-09-03, 19:42
Splinter Cell is also cool and also the Resident Evil games.they are all cool in my opinion.even on ps1.

02-09-03, 19:45
What about Enter the Matrix?
Its very good

02-09-03, 20:25
Yeah it is.Oh and Desperados:Wanted dead or alive.It's also a very cool game.played it 6 times already.million ways to finish it!

02-09-03, 20:25
What about Primal or FFX?

02-09-03, 20:59
Kings Quest 6! A little old, but great...

02-09-03, 21:07
i dont know about Primal but like FFX

Melonie Tomb Raider
02-09-03, 21:19
there is an online game that is heaps of fun, and free too. Go to Runescape.com . It's in the medieval days, it is SO fun!

02-09-03, 21:20
Hi Madeye! Primal is good (my opinion). Good characetrisation. Loads of fighting. Good story. Difficult but not impossibly so. Check it out.

03-09-03, 02:50
Originally posted by Melonie Tomb Raider:
there is an online game that is heaps of fun, and free too. Go to Runescape.com . It's in the medieval days, it is SO fun!I played that, for a time...hehe...

If you dun have a supergreat computer, Astonia 3 is a good game...

You even get 28 days to play it before you have to pay...

www.astonia.com (http://www.astonia.com)

03-09-03, 10:33
thank you guys, all your suggestions should carry me through until TR 7 comes out. Here's a tid-bit, GameBoy advanced I think has a version of FF out. It looks weird. Anyone seen it yet to confirm this?