View Full Version : I just met Dusty Rhodes

06-08-03, 02:20
PPL I just went to the fair and watch Dusty Rhodes fight and I got and picture with him and a autograph. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif It was so cool any1 met him?

Fugitive Lara
06-08-03, 02:45
I drive down dusty roads every day http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

06-08-03, 05:59
u dumb not a dusty road, Dusty Rhoads the wrestler

06-08-03, 06:07
That is hardly a good way to start a conversation...

Fugitive Lara
06-08-03, 11:19
Originally posted by camolara:
u dumb not a dusty road, Dusty Rhoads the wrestleroh sorry :rolleyes: my mistake http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif ;)