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02-09-03, 16:48
Hi everyone!

Hmmm I've always wanted to follow Lara's footsteps and travel to exotic locals and whatnot. I wouldn't be 'tombraiding' or anything of that sort. But I'd love to experience the cultures and customs of people around the world. One place that has been on my list of must sees is the Cambodian Temples in Bankok (I think it's bankok?) I read that you can pay about 12$ and spend the day exploring the temples. The hot humid air all around you and the sound of life rustling in the jungle.

Where have you wanted to go if you had to choose. There's just one catch to this question. It cannot be a well-known tourist spot. Just someplace special. Alright, I'm interested in knowing. I think this'll be an interesting topic so keep them coming.

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John Falstaff
02-09-03, 16:58
Baffin Island or Navajo country