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02-09-03, 19:49
I started playing Tombraider Angel Of Darkness Saturday and finished it last night.

The graphics are excellent, the characters look cool and i love the sound and music.

The most difficult enemy was Boaz, the most easiest was Echard and the other guy.

I did came across allot of bugs, lets hope this new patch fix the bugs.

Lara and Kurtis is a bit slow, especially when in stealth mode sliding against the wall.

I really like Kurtis and would love to see him in the next two games. Besides, they might get married.

I hope they put that shaman lady in the next game.

Eidos could have made us use Kurtis throwing blade. I've played Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb and Indy had a similar disc then Kurtis and he threw that thing like it was a mean machine. That was the best weapon. Let's hope we can use it in the next TR game.

Here is something a bit confusing. Lara killed her only witness, how is she going to explain who killed Von Croy.

02-09-03, 19:51
Sha can hope that karel is alive :D

02-09-03, 19:51
I agree about Kurtis' disc.That was cool.

Steven B
02-09-03, 19:53
I'm glad that you liked it, not many people do!

I am one of those people who love it!!! :D :D :D
Well done for finishing it! ;) :D

02-09-03, 19:55
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