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Lady LC
02-09-03, 20:31
I know this may not be too exciting, but I created a Lara Croft Skater on Tony Hawk 4 and it seems pretty good, so in case any of u guys wud like to do it as well(unlikely, but anyways!) here ya go:
Head Information:
Hair- Ponytail Dark
Face- Tan Skin 5
Torso Information:
V-Neck- Blue(use Val. to bring down the colour to make it darker)
Leg/Pants Information:
Short Shorts (change the colour to suit yourself)

there u go u can either use it or not- twas just a thought on my count!

Steven B
03-09-03, 07:53
Cool!!! :D :cool: :cool:

03-09-03, 10:26
I already knew about this, ever since last year.

03-09-03, 17:34
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