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lara is mine
24-06-08, 03:08

i feel bad for the guy, even though the canal he went into was notorious for alligators >.<, apparently he had also had a few alcoholic drinks, i guess he wont do it anymore :p

24-06-08, 04:44
It would be a shame if they had to kill the poor thing because of this incident. :( I love reptiles... and it's unfortunate that this person had to lose their arm... but there is no way anyone should blame the alligator under any circumstances. I'm sick of hearing negative stories about animals... and then having to know that they get shot or killed due to their own mistakes. I personally think people have to start taking responsibility.

24-06-08, 06:12
He`s idiot and now he`s talking about "overpopulation of reptiles". I would say there is the overpopulation of dumb ****-heads out there

24-06-08, 08:02
Nom nom.

Paul H
24-06-08, 08:25
He`s idiot and now he`s talking about "overpopulation of reptiles". I would say there is the overpopulation of dumb ****-heads out there

I agree. This guy gets himself drunk, goes swimming with alligators, and then when the inevitable happens, he says: "They’re not protected creatures. They’re nuisance animals."

Then came this pearl of wisdom: "I don’t care who you are or how strong you think you are. You aren’t going to be able to hold on to a buoy line while an 11 ˝-foot alligator is trying to pull you under water."

Most people could have worked that one out without having to put it to the test. :rolleyes:

24-06-08, 08:36
he's definitely not Lara :wve:

24-06-08, 08:38
I feel sorry for the dude..

24-06-08, 08:51
Kasey Edwards said he never paid “too much mind” to alligators swimming in canals in Okeechobee County.

This annoys me, if you're going to be swimming anywhere that isn't a swimming pool, you should ALWAYS pay attention to the surroundings you are in. I have no respect whatsoever for people who ignore nature and then expect it to ignore them.

Edwards had been drinking alcoholic beverages earlier and may have been impaired, according to witnesses quoted in the report. His friends tried to persuade him not to do it, the report states.
I think that sets the stage for the story really.

Edwards said his attack shows how something needs to be done about the overpopulation of gators.

“They’re not protected creatures. They’re nuisance animals,” he said.

Oh get real! Seriously! How often are there alligator attacks? How often are there car accidents? Does somebody who's been in a car accident moan about the fact that there are "too many cars on the road?"

It bothers me so so much when someone will lay the blame of an attack entirely on the animal. This boy had the chance to not drink, the chance to check his surroundings.

One of the nice things about shark/alligator/animal attacks is when someone whos been attacked will say they haven't lost respect for the animal.

This boy needs to learn a harsher lesson apparently.

24-06-08, 09:14
This boy needs to learn a harsher lesson apparently.


24-06-08, 10:28
Never put your hands where they are not supposed to be. Sad though.

24-06-08, 10:30
This reminds me of a time when a woman was at the zoo and wondered over to the lions cages.

There was a sign clearly stating Do Not Put Arms In Cage but she thought she would.

She lost her arm and the lion lost it's life.

It didn't seem fair at all.

24-06-08, 11:03
He should of fought it off with a palm frond


(lol just noticed they happened on same day, halfway across the world from each other)

26-06-08, 05:57
I feel sorry for the guy too, it's horrible to lose part of his limb that way, but they can't blame the alligator. He was asking for trouble when he went into a canal KNOWN to have alligators.

26-06-08, 06:04
I don't feel sorry for the kid, it was completely his fault.
I'm assuming he will never see his arm again though.

and this really isn't too far from where I live...

26-06-08, 06:46
What a waste of a good opportunity to help curb the stupid human population.