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Tomb of Legends
27-06-08, 10:33

(Unfortunatly its on a A3 page and the Camera wont work...go figure, A4 Scanner + A3 Page with scrappy sketch....)

This is the Lost Valley from Tomb Raider 1 and recently Tomb Raider Anniversary. This was my vision of the valley, after seeing a screenshot I decided to fuse TR1 + TRA into my own vision of what it could look like. Tomb Raider fans will notice the see-through waterfall that appears to have a badly drawen dinosaur behind it...

Its more of a Sketch with colour, I used Copic Markers and Copic Sketch Markers. I'm glad to have it finally done.

Hope you like it guys :wve:

27-06-08, 13:21
Pretty! I love the colors.:hug:

27-06-08, 17:57
She really seems to be lost! :)
I hope that in Tomb Raider Underworld we have that feeling too :cln::D
I like a lot all those oranges colours on the rocks ;):tmb:

27-06-08, 19:25
Looking pretty nice :tmb:

27-06-08, 23:38
It looks great :tmb: I love the colours!

Tomb of Legends
28-06-08, 00:09
Thank you guys. It really has the original Lost Valley feel to me. So much exploration was "Lost" in the "Lost Valley" How ironic?

28-06-08, 03:18
It's nice! So cute! I love the greens! :tmb: ;)

Ward Dragon
28-06-08, 03:41
The colors are really well done :D :tmb:

Tomb of Legends
28-06-08, 04:40
It's nice! So cute! I love the greens! :tmb: ;)

The colors are really well done :D :tmb:

Thanks guys! :hug:

Tomb of Legends
28-06-08, 12:27
Would anybody like to see the Valley from the entrance? Its a lineart only so far :)