View Full Version : Any good Flash Actionscripters Around?

27-06-08, 10:59
I am trying to reset a counter in flash so that it does not longer display this;

allCorrect =0;
// check if all answers
// are correct
_root.onEnterFrame= function(){
_root.endComment = "Congratulations, you got them all correct!";

I put this code into the Reset button, however it does not seem to be working;

on (release) {
if(count == 7){
count = 0;

27-06-08, 11:46
You post too little code for me to be certain, but it seems as if you confuse the variables allCorrect and count. Make sure you know what variable does what and see whether it does that.

28-06-08, 08:39
Good morning,

Thank you for your post.

You are correct, I had called my variable all.Correct not Correct.

I have amended it and it works fine now thank you. :tea:

However I have hit another milestone.

I have 7 movieClips on my Stage and as its a drag and drop game. I need these movieClips to be re arrange on the stage each time the game loads.

So as to make the game a little bit more difficult.

Do you have any idea what code might do this?