View Full Version : hm...huh?

28-06-08, 09:07
Today I downloaded with Opera TR2 demo - Cold War...and it didn't want to set up...That's why I decided to download it with IE, and what do I see:
"tr2gus1.exe - set up"
I click - then FRAPS set up starts! :D What is it all about? And when I clikc another one time - again fraps :confusd: What shoul I do? :confused: To download it again with Firefox? Or with Safari ? :D
( as I got every browser from those 4 :pi:)

28-06-08, 09:27
Where did you download it from? Download it HERE (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/vista/tr2g_demo.html) (full version).

If you can't find an alternative download (if this one mentioned doesn't work) till Monday, I'll upload TR2GM for you :) (Note this package [mine] must be installed in Windows98 compat. mode)

28-06-08, 09:52
I need TR2GM - Cold War demo now :)
I tried to download it here (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/tr2/gold/demo.html), but it says:
Too many connections. Try again later.
( for every downloading)
That's why I downloaded it on another one site...If you can, please upload :hug: