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Tomb of Legends
01-07-08, 09:49
Hey Guys,

I decided to display my best pieces of art here. If you have a DeviantART account and wish to comment, please do! :) http://crushbandicoot.deviantart.com/gallery/#_featured


Lara Croft - Tomb Raider 1
A fairly old picture now, but one of my favourites, it's not without its faults but I really think its one of my best :)


Anniversary/Tomb Raider 1 Concept
Just a sketch that I coloured with Copic Markers, unfortunatly I did it on a large A3 pad that I couldnt scan properly.


(Hehe)The Lion King - Zazu
Hehe, Inspired by Kingdom Hearts I drew Simba (in my gallery) and Zazu. Done with Copic's.

Tell me what you think :wve:

01-07-08, 11:26
love the photo's and fanart my fellow aussie!

I love KH, Jak, Crash bandicoot and Greenday too :D

Tomb of Legends
01-07-08, 11:59
Wow a Green Day fan........in Australia! Most people hate Green Day fans around here...grr.

Dark Lugia 2
01-07-08, 17:34
I love the Zazu one! :D how did you colour that one? ^^ if it was with pencils, you did a great job :D the colours so consistent :cln:

01-07-08, 17:52
Nice work! :tmb: ;)

01-07-08, 19:32
Awesome artwork you've really got some talent :tmb:

01-07-08, 19:58
I like the Zazu one :-D and the TR1 Lara is nice too

Tomb of Legends
02-07-08, 02:27
I love the Zazu one! :D how did you colour that one? ^^ if it was with pencils, you did a great job :D the colours so consistent :cln:

Hehe I said in my description, Copic Markers :wve:

Tomb of Legends
02-07-08, 05:10
Hey Guys!

Heehe, got a bit of a Humorous one for you today!


...Read the description...that will hopefull explain it XD

02-07-08, 10:21
I love them :tmb: :D


Tomb of Legends
02-07-08, 12:45
Thanks Kyrptionite :wve:

02-07-08, 12:47
Great stuff! :tmb:

Tomb of Legends
02-07-08, 23:32
Thanks! :)

Tomb of Legends
02-07-08, 23:34
Hey Everyone,

A few people have been asking what I use to colour! So heres my main arsenal!


So heres the stuff I use.

- Copic Markers
- Prismacolor Markers
- Prismacolor Pencils (Havent used them really yet XD)
- And Some Graphic Pencils (Very VERY good, some art as dark as lineart pens!)

And a nice big sketch pad!