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01-07-08, 14:01
Hello writters :)

Me and my team (Crop Circles) are devoloping a fan fiction, but the problem is that it's only me writting. The rest of them have other tasks like doing covers, trailers, correcting, etc...

I need more writters to finish this, this summer. I already have one person to help me however three more are needed.

Well it's not too much to write, just 3 or 4 pages nothing more.

I'm really am going to need help in this, i don't want to postpone the release date. Does someone want to help please ? :o thank you.

01-07-08, 14:07
Is it a Tomb raider fan fiction. I may be interested but need a bit more info before my interest is peaked!

01-07-08, 14:07
What's the fan-fiction? .. and why do you need more 'writers'? :)

I'd be willing to help I would of thought, as would many other 'writers' and TRF, alot of us have hade experiance 'writing' XD

01-07-08, 14:30
Well i think i can tell a bit of the story to motivate you folks.

"If you were expecting a day to see something different, unusual and original, then this is that day. A culmination of ideas brought this project to life and the story within.
A new kind of evil lies under our feet, chases you at night in those ordinary alleways, hunts you in your nightmares and attracts even more evil ! Well the bad news are that he is about to be unleashed ! He will escape from his afterlife and finish what he started, don't hide or run because after all we are all going to be dead.
Spidy isn't avaliable, our last hope is Lara Croft. If she chooses her paths correctly she might save us. You are the one who will be guiding Lara on her new adventure, choose your paths wisely, avoid your sentence, stay safe but try this at home because reading doesn't hurt anyone. But the questions are can we trust you to save us ? Will we survive to this war ? Will this be the end of our days ? And who on earth is going to return ?
We better dig our own tombs before we die in the hands of such evil. "

Well a bit "usual" but it's tell much. The best parts are that there are mutilple stories and in the final they are all connected to the main story. It has a mistery which is Who Is going to make a Return, it could be anyone from the story however the reader will only find that out in the end. I already have a good opening for the story, it has menus, interaction. Yes it's only writting the reader will choose which ways he wants to go like "Read and Choose Adventure", the reader will have to take care of Lara and avoid her death. It's a special story that i want to bring to life.

It sounds a bit complicated doesn't it ? But no, it isn't. We just need to write a bit more than the usual.

I use image as background to make the reader see where Lara is, i use soundtracks to go with the action, videos to demonstrate some parts and etc... There are loads of things. And all this with Power Point.

Oh i already got in mind the final, but that i ain't gonna reveal but one thing i tell, the end is so surprising. ;)

Interest now ?

01-07-08, 15:00
I'm up for the job. ;) Just let me know.

01-07-08, 15:01
ok so you're in.


E-mails please.

01-07-08, 23:40
Well I need some more info, which part should I write and at what point do I need to stop, the opening etc.. And when is the dead line anyway? Are you gonna send the info to my email? It should be in my profile.

01-07-08, 23:46
I think I may be up for it. Just let me know what you'd like me to write :D

02-07-08, 01:07
I write stories all the time, and luckfully enough some have been published. :o
I would love to help you. Just let me know what you want me to write. :D