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03-09-03, 03:50
Welcome, the point of this thread is to bring to light all the media that has direct or indirect elements of the Matrix. Besides the Obvious 6 (The Matrix Trilogy, Enter the Matrix, Matrix Online, The Animatrix) List old, current, or upcoming Music Videos, Games, Movies that feature a direct or indirect relation to Matrix elements. Write the Name, Media Form in
Parenthesis (say if it is a game, movie or music video) and a short description of the matrix element. I have an example below:
I just have 3 Simple Rules:
1. To make this thread productive, do not repeat posts. If someone posts a movie do not post the same movie

2. Do not be general; Example: "All Anime is like the matrix" Please, be specific.

3. No Spam, if you dont like the Matrix, i would urge you to find something more productive to do with your time than spam this thread.

Very Well, Now that we understand I shall begin.


Swordfish (Movie)
146 camera erector set explosion in bullet time making a 180 degree pan around an exploding intersection with several layers including: Shattering glass, flipping and rotating cars, flipping stunt doubles, and fragments off ball bearings, and a full 3D live action fire.
Lost in Space (Movie)
Demonstrating hyperspeed, Features same erector set in less than 50 degrees off pan, in 4 separate sequences, mostly CG.
Crazy in Love [Beyance feat. Jay Z] (Music Video)
Camera rotates using bullet-time in 4 occasions
Freak on a Leash [KoRn] (Music Video)
Same system used in the Matrix, a still array of cameras to photograph something at extremely slow speeds
Max Payne (Game)
One of the first videogames to have playable bullet time
Max Payne 2 (Game)
Sequel to the above promising improved bullet time and a hand to hand system absent in the first game.
Dead to Rights (Game)
Max Payne copycat featuring a Tekken style hand to hand
Rise to Honnor (Game)
Jet Li videogame featuring Honk Kong style matrial arts movements and bullet time
True Crime Streets of LA (Game)
Grand Theft Auto style game with Hand to Hand fighting and bullet time
Tomb Raider (Movie)
Our Heroine, Lara Croft, Comes into a scene in the 4th dimmension, and rotates a knife in an ultra slow-motion frozen atmoshphere.

Now its Your Turn..........

03-09-03, 04:11
Scary Movie 1 (Movie)

The fight scene between GhostFace & Anna Faris-

Anna does the stop motion, then rise into the air and the kick in the chest to the other side of the room (like Trinity does) After this she takes a large serving tray and throws it at GhostFace, and he does the "bullet time" that The Matrix is famous for.

03-09-03, 04:12
WWE Smackdown:Shut your Mouth: when performing a finisher tap the special "Smackdown" Camera button and the camera rotates 360 degrees, while your wrestlers are frozen in time

03-09-03, 04:15
I've got another that I just thought about!

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (Game)

If you hit a certain button during a jump, the camera zooms to the car, stops and then rotates 360 degrees around the car at window level. Very cool.

04-09-03, 00:42
How can you forget Charlie's Angels!!! I mean all there special effects are copcats of Matrix!! :eek:

04-09-03, 01:43
and heres the most obvious one!
The Matrix Reloaded-technically it's not he Matrix is it...it's copying the 1st film in special effects...if you think about it you know im right

04-09-03, 01:53
Film called 'Equilibrium'. The scene where the hero is shooting it out with the baddies. Loads of weaponry, bullet time, cartwheels. Clone if ever I saw one.