View Full Version : FF3 issue. happening to anyone else?

01-07-08, 16:05
ok, windows XPMC.

with two tabs open (or more), the active tab (hereon called TAB A) will often lag when loading a page. if i switch to the inactive tab (TAB B), TAB A loads normally.

no lag occurs when browsing with only one tab.

anyone else having this problem?

01-07-08, 18:20
Works fine for me...

1. Have you changed any settings (regarding caching, scripts, etc of that kind) after FF3 installation?

2. Have you installed any add-ons? Which ones?

01-07-08, 18:27
1. no. :)

2. yes, i am using download statusbar

01-07-08, 18:30
^ Try to turn it off/uninstall and check FF behaviour after.

01-07-08, 18:36
ok, i uninstalled it. right now, i'm not noticing a difference. i'll browse with it for a while to make sure and then get back to you.

btw, thanks for the help, EscondeR. :wve:

03-07-08, 16:28
it's still happening. i uninstalled norton because i thought it might have something to do with the ad-blocking feature, but nope.

i can't be the only one this is happening to. how weird.

03-07-08, 16:49
just a thought, try to disable the ipv6 feature as it can help speed things up a bit.

type about:config into the address bar
search for network.dns.disable.ipv6
toggle the value to true

03-07-08, 17:47
roger that, spike. i'll let you know how it turns out. thanks for the help. :)

03-07-08, 18:24
this seems to have worked. thanks all!