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01-07-08, 18:18
hey everybody! this is my first thread here as well as my first trailer. i saw some of the stuff you guys made and it's awsome! but im not a pro, i had to make do with windows movie maker (its was hellish!) i hope u like it. the sound is from the trailer for Mirror's Edge and the movments were also copied just to show that Lara can do it all better!


p.s. how do i make the movie to show right here?

01-07-08, 19:01
freaking cool! very well done!

(and welcome to the forums :wve:)

01-07-08, 19:12
Firstly, welcome to the forums :wve: :D

Your trailler looks pretty cool :wve:

01-07-08, 20:02
Really cool :tmb:!
But it does look a bit weird when you made the sequences where Lara runs quicker. But other than that it's really awesome.

PS: Gave you **** on YouTube.

01-07-08, 20:12
HOMG, that's awesomely awesome! :D