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01-07-08, 23:22
If u know that program, here the problem im trying to downlowed a video and i puts it in that program (its my dads anyway) how do i get the video into my files and not on that program because i upload it to my thing that makes movies and i can if i dont know how HELP

01-07-08, 23:27
do you have an address to that video, or the site that it is located on?

01-07-08, 23:28
yeah why does it matter

01-07-08, 23:41
so I can help you download it. post a link, I'll tell you what I would do.

01-07-08, 23:42
ok here it is www.bluelaguna.net its the fainal fantsy

01-07-08, 23:47
which one??

01-07-08, 23:49
here ill be more sufpic http://bluelaguna.net/movies/ff9/fmvs.php

01-07-08, 23:52
click the first link and it will take you to another page with some thumbnails and a second link to download the file. you should be able to just click the download link and when the box pops up asking whether to play it with winamp or download it, choose the option you want.

If no box comes up, right click (alternate click) the link and choose the option to save the file.

01-07-08, 23:56
oh never mind i got it know cool thanks