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Wana b like Lara
02-07-08, 09:41
Hi :wve:

This is my friends problem:

She has a E-Machines PC
When she turns it on the screen/monitor says 'No Signal', she says she hears the fan running and she checked all the cables like 10 times and she took them all off one bye one, checked them and put them back in, it still doesn't work! :hea:

This happends yesterday morning, and she's really upset about it! Please help, i don't want to see her upset any longer! :(


02-07-08, 09:45
1. Monitor data cable is loosen or fried. What monitor BTW, LCD or CRT?

2. Monitor needs degaussing (if CRT). Use monitor on-screen menu.

3. Video board is loosen probably? Did she put any new device in?

Try powering the monitor off for a minute then turn on.

Wana b like Lara
02-07-08, 09:54
1. LCD

2. can't do that :)

3. Nothing put in

Nothing happens, it's just a blank screen

Any help?

02-07-08, 10:08
Does she have a built-in video or a separate board?

Does the PC boot normally except the video? Can she hear the short beep, then fans and HDDs spinning? To check if it's the board you can connect another display to this PC.

1. Try changing the monitor data cable?

2. Open the case and check/tighten all the connectors and boards in their slots.

Wana b like Lara
02-07-08, 10:15
Im not sure, whats a board? Is it the tower?

Yeah everything works perfectly except the Screen whcih agin says 'No Signal'

What's that? :D

She'll do that later

Anything else?

PS She couldn't hear the beep yesterday, but she did today

02-07-08, 10:49
1. Built-in - video subsystem is presented as a single chip on motherboard.
A board - AS IS, a board in AGP or PCI-E slot of the motherboard :)

2. Monitor data cable is the cable connected to video connector at the back of the case, not to power outlet :p

02-07-08, 16:25
make sure the monitor is plugged to the VGA outlet on the machine - not the serial port (they look the similar, however one is male - the other is female).

if there are two cards ^^^ switch the connection over to the other one.